Our Clients are the Heart

 of our business

La Maison du Chocolat imagines

each of your visits as a unique moment.

Selected moments that bring life

to the chocolate as we know it.


As soon as you arrive, we welcome you with a smile, warmth, and authenticity. We recognize you, and we seek to discover you better and to offer you a tailor-made offer so that each visit remains unforgettable. Each of our meetings is a moment of emotion and discovery, unique like you. Entrust your senses to our know-how, and we will guide you in our gourmet world. We share our passion and the sincerity of our responsible and sustainable commitment.

Chocolate Circle Loyalty Club


Entering the "Chocolate Circle" club means pushing the door of La Maison du Chocolat as a privileged member and making each of your visits a unique moment. You are at the heart of our attention and benefit from our creations in preview, special attention reserved for members, private invitations: in our shops, in prestigious places, at our partners, meetings with the Chef, even an exclusive tour of our workshop. You accumulate points giving access to gourmet gifts, and tailor-made services are reserved for you to facilitate your purchases. It's your birthday, Christmas and Easter are approaching, the Club has special conditions in store for you, welcome home!