At La Maison du Chocolat, we believe that Easter is made for sharing. Fish, eggs and other figurines constitute a fantastic collection of characters which make up our unique collections, combining expertise and originality. Every year, these poetic odes to chocolate feature new and addictive flavors. This constant search for the ultimate Easter chocolate is embodied by the elegant creations of Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef at La Maison du Chocolat.


The Easter collections are an exercise in style: constantly updated and reinvented, they inspire a range of emotions. Enchanting stories and distant exotic ideas are combined to create a sensory journey which is as delicious as it is colourful.

  • Coffret Maison Dark and Milk 40 chocolates

    An iconic chocolate collection, featuring ganaches, and pralinés in dark and milk chocolate. Whether it's for you or a gift for someone else, you'll love La Maison du Chocolat's subtle chocolates.

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Imagination and expertise are the driving forces behind La Maison du Chocolat's Easter collections. Made by hand in our workshops, these delicate chocolate creations are equally appealing to all ages.

  • Pralinés Gift box 40 chocolates

    As one of our bestsellers, the taste and texture of praliné continues to delight. That's why La Maison du Chocolat has decided to showcase praliné chocolates in a number of collections.

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  • Plain Truffles 245g

    La Maison du Chocolat offers its plain chocolate truffles in collections of 2, 13, 35, or 58 chocolates. Our incredibly creamy mousse ganache filling is the sophisticated starting point of these delicious treats.

    The number of pieces in this 245g box may vary. The weight of this box is guaranteed.




The spirit of La Maison du Chocolat is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail of 35 professional chocolatiers who are deeply attached to their craft. All the chocolates are made by hand in the Nanterre workshop near Paris. The quality of the work can be seen by the eye: the fineness of the coating, the shine and the regularity are signs that do not lie. The human gesture requires patience and the know-how of experienced chocolatiers.

  • Bars Gift Box 16 chocolates

    A real pleasure of sharing and gourmet nibbling, let yourself be seduced by this assortment of delicious dark, milk or white chocolate squares, hand-made in our workshop. 

  • Craquant Treat Gift Box 45 chocolates

    Find all the richness and delicacy of an assortment of Rocher homemade pralines and crunchy dried fruit finely coated with dark and milk chocolate.

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  • Gesture Gift Box 16 chocolates

    Treat yourself to our delicious Indulgence collections. La Maison du Chocolat offers 3 different sizes, containing 2, 6 or, 16 chocolates to delight your taste buds.

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  • Twigs Gift Box 20 chocolates

    Four pralinés mousse recipes to enjoy in a sun-drenched box: crunchy dark pralinés, coconut milk pralinés, pecan milk pralinés and classic caramelized biscuit pralinés.