This website has been developed with the objective that it will be as accessible as possible. An accessibility audit will be realised in the following weeks in order to evaluate the conformity level of the website to the WCAG. In the meantime, please find below the accessibility issues that are currently known.

2.1. Known issues

On the desktop version of the website, the tabulation order between the My Account and My Wishlist elements does not correspond to the visual order the elements appear on the page. Visually, the My Account element comes first and the My Wishlist element comes second. The tabulation order is such that the focus first goes to the My Wishlist element and then on the My Account element.

This will be corrected with the next production release by the end  of February.

2.2. Temporary solution

Despite the wrong order of the keyboard navigation between both elements, users are still able to access both elements and their functionalities.

3.1. Known issues

The calendar component is present on the account creation page and the delivery step.With keyboard navigation, when the previous/next month buttons are activated, the focus is moved to the Close button of the modal window.

This will be corrected with the next production release by the end of February.

3.2. Temporary solution

Malgré une incohérence dans la navigation clavier, les utilisateurs restent en mesure d’accéder aux fonctionnalités du calendrier.

4.1. Known issues

The fields for the credit card payment form are visually organised in the following order:

  1. Cardholder name
  2. Card number
  3. Expiry date
  4. CVV/CVC number

However, when tabbing, the tabbing order is as follows:

  1. Card number
  2. Expiry date
  3. CVV/CVC number
  4. Cardholder name


This functionality is being managed by the Ayden company. They have been informed of the need to reorganise the tabulation between the form fields in order for it to correspond to the visual order they are set up.

4.2. Temporary solution

Keyboard navigation users are still able to access the fields and fill them. Thus, they are still able to finalise their purchase.

5.1. Known issues

The search module provides users with results suggestions as they type along their keyword, even before they launch the research. However, these suggestions are currently not accessible with keyboard and/or assistive technologies navigation.

This search module is being managed by the Algolia company. They have been informed of the need to allow the access to the results suggestions by keyboard and/or assistive technologies navigation.

5.2. Temporary solution

Keyboard and/or assistive technologies navigation users are still able to access the pages available in the results suggestions through:

  • Launching the research using the « Search » button, providing all search results in a new page.
  • Navigating through the website’s pages using the main Menu.

The captcha functionality used is Google Recaptcha. It presents accessibility issues as, amongst others, :

  • Some links not being rendered by assistive technologies,
  • The presence of elements that can receive the focus when tabulating, though they are not visible on screen when navigating with a keyboard.
  • The verification tests provided by the module in some cases may present rendering issues by assistive technologies and with keyboard navigation.

This functionality being managed by Google, La Maison du Chocolat cannot apply necessary modifications for it to be fully accessible.

This functionality can be found on pages containing connexion or contact forms, right after the form’s submission button.

Views of the Google Recaptcha functionalities :



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