Chesnuts Gift Box 12 pieces

A must-have for the holiday season, glazed chestnuts are also featured in a range of La Maison du Chocolat's creations. Deliciously sweet, these bite-sized treats will delight young and old alike.

Weight: 0.272kg
Dimensions : 19,9 cm x 12,1 cm x 3,3 cm
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A few words about
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Do you look forward to the holiday season every year, counting down the days until you can enjoy all the special seasonal treats? You'll love La Maison du Chocolat's glazed chestnuts. Expert chocolatier Nicolas Cloiseau and his team draw on all their expertise to create these delicious and sophisticated bite-sized treats. Our chestnuts are grown in the area around Turin in Italy, renowned for its impressive chestnut groves. Weighing 22 grams each, these chestnuts are ideally sized and boast a powerful flavor and a delightful texture. La Maison du Chocolat's chestnuts are candied in a vanilla-infused bath before they are glazed in a separate bath, creating the perfect treat for the festive season. Whether you're enjoying them yourself or giving them as a gift, you won't be able to resist our glazed chestnuts.

  • Shelf life: 10 to 26 days
  • Price per kilo: €180.15/kg
  • Storage temperature: 4 °C
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    1) Why Turin?

    The chestnuts from Turin are less starchy and possess a more pronounced chestnut flavour. The chestnut of Turin has a slightly elongated shape, and when it is cracked in two, a drop of syrup will appear.

    2) How does one make a glazed chestnut?

    - After peeling, the chestnuts are cooked in water at less than 100°C for several hours.

    - Then the fruit is confit in a bath with 60 to 75% sugar, glucose and vanilla. The operation lasts several days, in baths more and more concentrated.

    - Finally, the chestnut is glazed with a thin layer of sugar, so as not to invade the mouth of sugar and let the flavors of chestnut develop.

    - The chestnut of Turin has a slightly elongated shape, and especially when it breaks in two, we see a drop of syrup appear.


  • marrons (59,5%), sucre, sirop de glucose, humectant (sorbitol), gousses de vanille, conservateur : sorbate de potassium.

Nutritional values

  • Average nutritional values per 100g : Calories (kcal) : 311, Energy (kJ) : 1321, Total Fat (g) : 1, Saturated fatty acids (g) : 0.2, Total carbohydrate (g) : 74.7, Sugar (g) : 29.7, Proteins (g) : 1.1

Craftsmanship and the art of candying

Our glazed chestnuts are grown in Turin, renowned for its excellent chestnut groves. We choose chestnuts which weigh roughly 22g: this size is considered to be ideal to create an intensely flavored sweet treat. La Maison du Chocolat is inspired by traditional methods when creating its glazed chestnuts. The chestnuts' natural water must be replaced with a syrup: the nuts are immersed in successive syrup baths, infused with vanilla beans, and the concentration of syrup is gradually increased. Glazed at the very end of the process, these glazed chestnuts retain their natural flavors and are covered in a thin coating of candied icing sugar.