Corporate Gifts

Chocolate is the perfect corporate gift!

Deciding to please, re-motivate your teams, thank your customers, support your partners, are all the right reasons and ways to sustain a unified relationship with your professional peers.

In these trying times, a message full of optimism is more important than ever.

Discover our new signature “Reveal the genius of chocolate” and our strengthened commitments. ​

Environmentally friendly packaging modernized and reshaped for better dispatch.
New forms of chocolates for an even more gourmand experience and harmonious presentation.
Eco-designed customization options (100% natural dyes, recyclable sleeves and labels) and ideal to tailor a personal gesture. ​
A 100% artisan chocolate production, made from the finest cocoas in the world combined with the know-how of our 35 passionate and experienced chocolate makers. New creations by Nicolas Cloiseau, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. ​

Our dedicated sales team is available to assist you with your gift projects and / or arrange a meeting. ​

Contact us at any time :​ ​
+33 (0)1 55 51 83 15​

Our clients testify

"For our end-of-year gifts, we always trust La Maison du Chocolat, the chocolates are excellent, the gift boxes are very neat, the corporate teams are responsive. It's a sure bet for the Peopulse image and a guaranteed pleasure for our clients! "

"To offer a gift box of La Maison du Chocolat is to demonstrate to the person yyou can only deduce that the offering person wishes to honor you greatly and to deliver a powerful message by a chocolate of the highest quality in the most beautiful case."