Irresistible Ganache Spread: A Masterclass Recipe

Luscious, silky, smooth, shiny…our Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau reveals the iconic recipe of La Maison du Chocolat, the ganache, this version is perfect for spreading.


For a jar of 650g

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cooling time: 4 hours (2 hours at room temperature then 2 hours in the refrigerator)

Quality Ingredients for Exquisite Ganache Spreading


50g caster sugar

150 g whipped fleurette cream 35% fat

152g milk - 1/8 vanilla bean from Madagascar

0.5g fleur de sel

25g Acacia honey

200g Noir Equilibré dark chocolate bar 66%

70g Noir Robuste dark chocolate bar 74%

40g Lait Musclé milk chocolate bar 37%


Simple Steps to Crafting the Perfect Ganache Spread


• Bring the cream, milk, salt and honey to a boil.Infuse the vanilla bean which was previously scraped.

• Melt the sugar in order to obtain a clear caramel and deglaze with the preceding mixture.

• Pour over the previously chopped chocolates. Allow the entire mixture to melt for two minutes.

• Emulsify with a whisk by making small concentric circles to obtain a smooth, shiny mixture.

• Pour the ganache at 31°C into a jar.

• Wait until it is cold before closing the lid.


Tip from our Chef: if you do not have a food thermometer, put a little ganache on your lips. At 31°C, you should have a sensation of cold.

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