Milk Chocolate Amuse Barre

Crunchy Barre of biscuit sablé with hazelnut praliné, roasted hazelnuts, puffed rice, slivers of crispy crêpes enrobed in milk chocolate.
Weight: 0.050kg
Dimensions : 12,5 cm x 3 cm x 2,5 cm
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A few words about
our creations...

The “Amuse-barres” place their bets on a game without rules.  A freestyle exercise where chocolate, biscuit, praliné, and nuts are nestled between the layers.  Here pastry is the starting point and finds refuge in a bar exuding chocolate.  Crackling and crunchy are the theme of the day.  A chance encounter of a biscuit with pieces of sablés, milk chocolate and hazelnut praliné unveils the inner secrets of this luscious amuse-barre. Hazelnuts strut their sweetness with puffed rice blended with hazelnut praliné and crispy crêpes. Roasted demi-hazelnuts tease the milk chocolate shell with gourmand milk chocolate.

  • Optimal consumption duration* : From 8 to 88 days
  • *Optimal duration of consumption as well as the date indicated on the back of the product are indicatives dates. However, we advise you to enjoy your chocolates sooner in order to benefit from all their smoothness.
  • Storage temperature: 18 °C

In this box


Taste our chocolates at a room temperature of 20 °C. Accompany your tasting with mineral water, to let the flavors of the chocolate express themselves at their best. You can store our chocolates in a dry and cool place (18°C) in their original packaging, or in the tray at the bottom of your fridge, after protecting your box in a paper or plastic bag (in the latter case, take the chocolates out 30 minutes before tasting them).


Milk chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)), hazelnut, sugar, wheat flour (gluten), dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), vanilla natural flavouring), almond powder, butter (milk), rice flour, eggs, almond, salt, skimmed milk powder, barley malt, barley malt extract (gluten), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), vanilla natural flavouring.
Dark chocolate contains : Cocoa solids 56% minimum. Milk chocolate contains : Cocoa solids 37% minimum - Milk solids : 26% minimum.

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100g : Calories (Kcal) : 518, Calories (kJ) : 2150, Total Fat (g) : 29, Saturated Fat (g) : 18, Total Carbohydrate (g) : 58, Total sugar (g) : 55,2, Protein (g) : 4,3, Salt (g) : 0,3


This product contains

  • Egg
  • Gluten
  • Nuts
  • Milk

This product may contain

  • Peanut
  • Sesame
  • Soya

Savoir-Faire and craftsmanship

When a crunchy biscuit sablé barre with hazelnut praliné, amuses itself with roasted hazelnuts over puffed rice, crispy crêpe, and milk chocolate.… Halfway between a chocolate bouchée and a pastry, the milk chocolate Amuse Barre was imagined as a particularly crunchy biscuit sablé blended with praliné.  More of a pastry than a chocolate, it was envisioned as a “cake’.  Almost a snack. It is made of course in the pastry atelier of our Maison.

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