1st September 2021

Chocolate in bars? The idea is as old as the hills, yet… When Nicolas Cloiseau* plays with our cravings, nothing appears the same. His humorous antics reverberate in chocolate and take our breath away. He takes a nostalgic look back in time but always with an eye toward refinement. If you are going to turn snacking upside down, you had better do it in style!

A little, a lot and much intensity, flavor and gourmandise.  A new excuse to snack everywhere, right away, all the time and whenever. And we’re off!


Long and lean, two confections as light as a chocolate. Pure delight over and over at your fingertips. Crunchy, light, delicate and creamy.  A shape that upends the taste sensation.  In dark or milk, the "Choco Sticks" are a new excuse to come within an inch of being hooked.


Praliné Choco Stick

Just out of the oven, the slivers of biscuits, suspended in an almond and hazelnut praliné, embody lightness.  Set in dark chocolate, it is a play on very nostalgic crunchiness.

Rocher Craquant Choco Stick

Nothing neutral permitted in this avalanche of roasted almond sticks set in caramel, cooked to a turn. This “rocher craquant" 100% almond is fine with losing itself in milk chocolate in a marvelous contrast of expression.


9€ the box with 6 sticks

Collection Snacking - Choco SticksCollection Snacking - Choco Sticks
Collection Snacking - Amuse BarresCollection Snacking - Amuse Barres

Halfway between a chocolate bouchée and a pastry, the "Amuse Barres" were envisioned as a sablé biscuit, particularly crunchy, blended with praliné. Perfects for a snack!

Amuse Barre Dark

Look beyond the enrobing, the swirls of dark chocolate at the surface of the fruit hold the clue as to what lies beneath. First the obsession with biscuits: pieces of sablés are added into an almond/hazelnut praliné for a seismic combination. The juxtaposition of roasted almonds in stick shapes, plump raisins and dark chocolate beads coalesce and retain their crunchiness under an avalanche of chocolate.

Amuse Barre Milk

A chance encounter of a biscuit with pieces of sablés, milk chocolate and hazelnut praliné unveils the inner secrets of this luscious amuse-barre. Hazelnuts strut their sweetness with puffed rice blended with hazelnut praliné and crispy crêpes. Roasted demi-hazelnuts tease the milk chocolate shell with gourmand milk chocolate.

7€ piece


Collection available in our boutiques and online from September 2, 2021.


*Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier

Dark Chocolate Amuse Barre

Crunchy Barre of biscuit sablé with almond/hazelnut praliné, roasted almonds, raisins, chocolate beads enrobed in dark chocolate.


Milk Chocolate Amuse Barre

Crunchy Barre of biscuit sablé with hazelnut praliné, roasted hazelnuts, puffed rice, slivers of crispy crêpes enrobed in milk chocolate.


Choco Sticks Praliné 6 chocolates

Etui of 6 sticks almond hazelnut praliné with pieces of biscuits enrobed in dark chocolate


Choco Sticks Rocher Craquant 6 chocolates

Etui of  6 sticks of roasted caramelized almonds enrobed in milk chocolate

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