20 december 2021

Queens and kings will be on center stage!
Nourished by la Maison's signature taste, the Three Kings Galette is part of a constantly renewed art of chocolate. Once again, chocolate and pastry-making skills are combined, with an unequalled expertise in chocolate.
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GOLDEN GALETTE (2022 exceptional galette)

Halfway between the caramelized fondant  “Tatin” and the crumble croustillant, Nicolas Cloiseau innovates and entices by giving the Three Kings feast a novel interpretation of taste.  His Golden Galette plays with fruit, almonds and chocolate ganache in happy contrast.  In its heart, the fondant with Golden apples, steamed with caramelized powdered suga,r is set in a soft frangipane with apple compote, and adds an acidulous seasonal touch. Surrounded with dark chocolate ganache nestled between two delicate sheets of cocoa crumble, the forbidden fruit is encircled by temptations of all kinds. Still to this day reinvented, featuring the signature Maison ganache, the apple celebrates a chocolate sensation enveloped in Maison pastry known for its delicious hazelnut butter flavor.


Available in one size for 6 persons in very limited quantity:

  • 953g, 60€
  • Conservation advice: 1 day at a temperature of 18°.


Allergens = Milk, egg, soy, nuts (amonds) and gluten.

THREE KINGS GANACHE (2022 traditional galette)

Irresistibly attracted to the chocolate obesssion of la Maison, the Three Kings Ganache Galette moves away from frangipane for a new role custom-made by Nicolas Cloiseau. In its core, his recipe walks to the beat of a different drummer. Supple and creamy, the almond cream with ganache puts a new spin on this genre. Almonds and dark chocolate 66% face each other with passionate attraction.  The intense notes of chocolate blended with almond are revealed in a silky, creamy texture. Everything is nestled in caramelized Maison pastry.  Golden and silky, the three kings ganache now takes center stage.  

Tasting advice: slightly warm the galettes for 10 minutes in a switched-off oven, previously heated to 160°C (thermostat 5), for a better tasting.


Available in 2 sizes:

  • Individual: 76g, 7€
  • 6 persons: 511g, 45€
  • Conservation advice: 1 day at a temperature of 18°.


Allergens = Milk, egg, soy, nuts (amonds) and gluten.


Discover or rediscover your favourite La Maison du Chocolat beans!

  • Round Hat Box
  • Pécan Blondinet / Cavale Fruits Secs / Blanc Frissonnant Bars
  • Collection of éclairs

Only in the 6 persons galettes.

On sale at 7.70€ each in our shops from 2 January 2022.