22 February 2021

This Easter, the universe of Nicolas Cloiseau* is so fascinating you can’t help but smile..

Our Master Chef, who loves nothing more than chocolate, now lets us board a flying saucer of superheroes, floating freely in space, with out of this world charm and gourmandise to boot.

Pretending to be naive, his heroes defend craftsmanship and the unwavering commitment of la Maison to use the best cacao in the most delightful and poetic way.

Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica, a trio of fine cacao, pure origin South America, reaffirm loud and clear our cravings for outstanding chocolate.

Feet firmly planted on the ground, heads in the cosmos, our heroes keep their eyes on the porthole for all the surprises Easter has in store for them. Nothing can resist dreams, even extra-terrestrial ones, all the more so when they are in chocolate.

Happy Easter!


Easter collection available in the boutiques and online starting on March, 3rd 2021.


*Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier


Artistic piece made entirely by hand, in limited edition, 7,3kg, 1500€

Dimension: L 50 cm x h 50 cm


In his quest for a never-ending chocolate adventure, Nicolas Cloiseau does it again. Bursting with energy, his musings give life to an extra-terrestrial universe straight out of a comic

With his creative genius, a dark chocolate giant Unidentified flying egg (U.F.E) hovers over the most precious gourmandise. Armed with cacao detectors in a whirlwind of chocolate, this Easter piece recounts a tale of a search for exquisite taste, faraway lands of rare chocolate that the entire solar system is searching for.


The egg U.F.E is a unique artistic piece, limited edition of 10 pieces, made entirely by hand in our ateliers in Nanterre, requiring a week of work by our chocolatiers.


This UFE, all in chocolate, like a russian doll, is balanced on a giant egg of more than 7 kilos of chocolate, surrounded by a disk in chocolate as well as a rosette of 50 praliné eggs. Made of milk chocolate 39% pure Peru and dark chocolate 66% pure Ecuador, with 650 perforations made by hand.


Approx. 105g, 35€ piece - on a unhinged bar recovered in a dark and milk chocolate mold.

Dimension: L 13 cm x l 8 cm x h 5 cm


A captain is only as good as his crew. On board, Nicolas Cloiseau guides the Easter mission into a new dimension. Eyes wide open on planet Earth, his superheroes, noses on the porthole, plumb the depths of our gourmandise.


Easter is known for figurine molds and gourmandise; each superhero is a figurine, molded detailed, colored and decorated by hand, placed on a crunchy chocolate bouchée. With crispy crêpes, pecans or roasted and caramelized hazelnuts in chocolate, a celebration of the finest chocolate.

"Pilote Peru", a milk chocolate Peru 39%,

"Agent Jamaïca", a dark chocolate Jamaïca 70%,

"Captain Ecuador", a dark chocolate Ecuador 66%.

Unhinged Milk chocolate Egg Moulding 460g

Milk chocolate egg, blond chocolate interior with slivers of caramelized pecan, Easter figurines. Finish of chocolate glaze pecan rocher at the base of the egg.

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