16 May 2019



Paris chez Sharon is the guest of Nicolas Cloiseau for a season! Two heads, two hands, two new seasonal éclairs!


First came a friendship, then an invitation extended almost like a challenge. A desire for a dream éclair, custom-made, innovative and extraordinary. Two heads, two hands. Synchronization of a chef and an influencer with no restrictions.


Two creations in one éclair, for a ray of sunshine on this collection. All it took was a dream by @ParischezSharon**, for our two accomplices to dream of mediterranean coastlines.


Their fantastic éclair voyage resonnates with scents, flavors, and memories from our influencer. Nicolas Cloiseau* sweeps his guest away in a burst of creative energy and sets the tempo for some new innovative taste.





From the first bite, you taste tender moist choux pastry with a crunchy bar of caramelized pecan praliné.

The milk chocolate pastry cream infused with cocoa nibs and pecan praliné reveals sweet, creamy, caramelized notes with formidable symmetry.

The pecan, crunchy and sweet, unveils unexpected sunny tones.





From the get-go, an incredible sensation of pastry cream with fresh lemon and lime, with no acidity, and a firm, silky dark chocolate bar infused with lemon and basil.

You will love the freshness of this sunny éclair with twists of ganache in a play on luscious solid textures. Here chocolate weaves its way into perfection, infused with Maison subtleties.



Price: 6,20€ the piece



*Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef Creator, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
**Sharon Heinrich

Unhinged Milk chocolate Egg Moulding 460g

Milk chocolate egg, blond chocolate interior with slivers of caramelized pecan, Easter figurines. Finish of chocolate glaze pecan rocher at the base of the egg.

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