22 December 2020

Kings and queens will be on center stage!


Our galettes will be available exclusively in our boutiques (not available online). To reserve your galette, please contact any of the following boutiques:

225 Fauboug Saint-Honoré, Paris 8ème - 01 42 27 39 44

52 rue François, Paris 8ème - 01 47 23 38 25

8 boulevard de la Madeleine, Paris 9ème - 01 47 42 86 52

19 rue de Sèvres, Paris 6ème - 01 45 44 20 40

120 avenue Victor Hugo, Paris 16ème - 01 40 67 77 83

14 rue de Bretagne, Paris 3ème - 06 38 52 29 80



This year, for his signature galette, our Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, frees himself from frangipane and offers the almond a new expression of taste in the heart of this pear/chocolate duo.

Highlighting a sensation of reinvented chocolate, the Belle Hélène galette is a play on textures. In its heart, the fondant of fresh pears, perfectly poached in their juice, are the stars of the season.  Blended with dark chocolate ganache and nestled in almond paste with pecans, the fruit is surrounded by a multitude of contrasts.  In perfect harmony, the pear melts in the chocolate, the nutty notes of the chocolate mirror the caramelized pecans, the crunchiness of the pecans enlivens the creaminess of almond paste for a delightful pairing with the finesse of the pear. Finally, the Maison puff pastry, perfectly caramelized, envelops our palate with the wonderful taste of hazelnut butter.

60€ the Galette 6 servings



An extra fine pure butter Maison puff pastry filled with whipped ganache featuring dark chocolate from the Caribbean (66%), silky and creamy, with ground caramelized almonds and decorated with roasted almonds and cacao nibs.

7€ the individual Galette

45€ the Galette 6 servings



And to complete last year’s collection, two new charms with images from our “Bars Unhinged” Collection: Hazelnut Bar Unhinged and Pecan Bar Blondinet.

7,70€ per charm.

Available in the galette 6 servings and per individual charm.





Unhinged Milk chocolate Egg Moulding 460g

Milk chocolate egg, blond chocolate interior with slivers of caramelized pecan, Easter figurines. Finish of chocolate glaze pecan rocher at the base of the egg.

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