20 October 2020

Ready to crack one open?


At La Maison du Chocolat, Nicolas Cloiseau is among those who always say yes. Yes to celebrations, yes to energy, yes to experience and a big yes to challenges.

Taking his cue from a British holiday tradition, his Collection twists the Holidays into an explosion of bold, festive crackers. His chocolate is the perfect mischief-maker, sometimes as a gift, sometimes as a small treat.

For Nicolas Cloiseau, everything is bigger than life. He never ceases to transform chocolate. His intuitive approach commands the plasticity of the material to accede to his playfulness.

Vibrant, lively and explosive, his collection also celebrates the art of a crackling time, late into the night.


Given our commitment to sustainability, La Maison du Chocolat is celebrating the Holidays by going green! The entire Holiday Collection has an eco-friendly design. It is made of 100% cardboard, designed to have the least amount of waste. It is 100% recyclable and made in France.






Between a trick and a prank, the Christmas Cracker Advent Calendar toys with its many facets.

A toast to color and playfulness, this giant cracker starts the countdown ‘til Christmas full of Christmas treats. A surprise each day ready to be cracked open.


48 € piece

Composed of 24 chocolate treats. 195 g

Available in boutique and online from November 10, 2020




Whether it is a place setting gift or perfect ending for a holiday meal, the “Holiday Party Cracker” is sure to steal the show.

With its crunchy nut sensations, this XXL treat focuses only on essentials.

Its minimalist lines are intertwined with an abundance of nuts set in dark chocolate. Pistachios, almonds and caramelized hazelnuts, interspersed with colorful beads, are sure to arouse envy.

Who will break open the ends and give a wallop of gourmandise to tradition? Let the celebrations begin!


The holiday Party Cracker is a piece, made entirely by hand in our ateliers, fruit of the craftmanship of the chocolatiers. Because the hazelnuts and almonds are heavier than the pistachios and chocolate beads, the placement of the nuts on the chocolate leaves nothing to chance. Each piece is set, one after the other, before the chocolate crystallizes. This detail ensures the aesthetics and an ideal distribution of flavor.


27 € piece

One size only 130 g

Piece in limited edition

Available in boutique and online from November 10, 2020


The Holiday Collection kicks off the end of the year celebrations in bold colors and with lots of noise…

Bing, bang, boom! The Holiday Cracker Coffret was envisioned as an explosion of holiday joy and guaranteed to liven up parties.

The bold colorful graphics transform the playing field of the emblematic Maison chocolates. Among the, two new players: a dark chocolate ganache 70% pure origin Ecuador, with woody, vegetal and honey notes…simply amazing. And a milk chocolate praliné with Holiday spices (cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg) and crispy crêpe showcasing warm enchanting gourmand flavors.

To make the magic of the Holidays come alive, one must surround oneself with other artisans to shine the spotlight on various talents. For this Year's Holidays, we looked to the fantastic universe of Fernando Volken Togni, brazilian illustrator living in London, to create his festive and colorful geometric graphics.

- Holiday Cracker Treats Box

app. 26 pieces, 100 g, 13 €

app. 55 pieces, 200 g, 22 €

- Holiday Cracker Coffret Maison

app. 24 assorted pieces, 170 g, 30 €

app. 40 assorted pieces, 280 g, 45 €

app. 60 assorted pieces, 420 g, 67 €

app. 84 assorted pieces, 588 g, 95 €

app. 112 assorted pieces, 774 g, 125 €

Available in boutique and online from November 10, 2020


Does a Holiday tree reveal the secrets of the gifts beneath it?

Nicolas Cloiseau knows what is at stake with this question. He plays both sides, his chocolate holds the messages while his tree unveils streamlined surprises. Dusted with snow, pierced with stars, his sleek crackers highlight the allure of round, gourmand chocolate. His fascinating architectural structure, with its finely worked trunk with a halo on top, defies gravity and leaves us speechless. Even more so what it hides inside.

This exceptional piece is unique; the container as well as the contents can be enjoyed. It underscores the rigor of the signature of Nicolas Cloiseau for his chocolate craftsmanship. A tree bursting with delights, delicious enough to crack open our hearts.


"Holiday Cracker tree" is a unique limited edition piece with only 22 available worldwide, entireley made by hand in our ateliers, requiring 30 hours of work by our chocolatiers. The entire structure of the tree rests on the stability of one central cracker with a cavity one meter in height, the structure and base of the tree support 8,5kg of chocolate. Each one of the crackers is delicately perforated by hand and the stars are chiseled. To complete the illusion, 5 500 perforations have five different diameters, the crackers are in five sizes and four colors of chocolate.

No detail is spared.


2000€ piece

One soze only

Piece in limited edition

Available in boutique and online from November 10, 2020


Lightness as the starting point, gourmandise one moment later?

Between these two extremes, Nicolas Cloiseau toys with this oxymoron. His Cracker Bûche is ready to play! Here his chocolate cracks with a play on textures. In its center, large hazelnuts, whole, roasted and caramelized, were intentionally slipped under the puff pastry of a traditional hazelnut praliné with dark chocolate chiboust. This crunchy onset finds refuge in a vanilla crémeux, sweet and flavorful, then onto moist cake, smooth hazelnut praliné and airy chocolate mousse. Here hazelnuts have the roasted flavor of the Holidays, of chocolate and gourmandise in its pure state. The taste of contrasts and sensations will make your taste buds salivate even among the more savvy

With so many surprises, Cracker bûche will satisfy our cravings with this exquisite hazelnut chocolate pairing which promises to make a lot of noise!


95 € piece

One size 6/8 servings, in limited series.

Available in the boutique from December 21 through 24, 2020

Unhinged Milk chocolate Egg Moulding 460g

Milk chocolate egg, blond chocolate interior with slivers of caramelized pecan, Easter figurines. Finish of chocolate glaze pecan rocher at the base of the egg.

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