15 November 2021

Star-Struck Holiday Ornaments…

Interlaced glowing ornaments, bedecked with stars, shining a light on the Holiday chocolate creations of Nicolas Cloiseau.  Illuminated openwork design, sometimes to dream about, indulge in, or simply just to hang up…

The Star-Struck Holiday Ornaments of La Maison du Chocolat celebrate chocolate that swirls, glows, and flaunts our gourmandise for all to see!

Gourmets, gourmands, treat yourselves!


The Star-Struck Holiday Ornaments Collection will be available in shops and on the website from 8 November 2021.


This Holiday season brings the best of La Maison du Chocolat to your home with a full chocolate experience to delight your palate and your eyes. Our team of chocolate experts will come to your home and decorat it for the Holiday, including the installation of our "Star-Struck Holiday Ornament" Artistic Masterpiece; full service in-home chocolate experience for up to 16 people. 


Whether you’re gifting this experience to a loved one or simply using the concierge service to complete your holiday shopping, ‘HOLIDAYS A LA MAISON’ is the gift of the season. La Maison du Chocolat offers a wide array of styles for all of life’s biggest occasions. Each year, La Maison du Chocolat reveals the genius of chocolate by introducing consumers to a beautifully designed, carefully constructed line of Holiday treats that were over a year in the making.





Holiday Starstruck Experience: $10,000 the piece




This Holiday season brings the best of La Maison du Chocolat to your home with a full chocolate experience to delight your palate and your eyes. Our team of chocolate experts will come to your home to elevate your Christmas atmosphere with our Holiday Ornament Chocolate Collection.  


Whether you're gifting this experience to a loved one or using this concierge service for yourself, 'Holidays A La Maison' is the ultimate gift of the season. 






An excellent choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this package comes with a holiday wreath, private tasting with a chocolate cart for 2 people, and an in-home shipping session with credit to order


Holiday Grand Ornament Experience: $2500 the the piece



Perfecting in sync with the finesse of Maison savoir-faire, the paper-artist Giselle Balosso-Bardin showcases her whimsical universe in this entanglement of Holiday ornaments.  Suspended like lanterns, adorned with motifs, and linked with a delicate interlaced garland, the ornaments are highlighted with gold embossing. They lend a festive air to this collection of gift boxes to celebrate contrast and light.

The "Petit Holiday Ornament” is made entirely by hand in our ateliers, the fruit of the work of our artisan chocolatiers. Since the hazelnuts and almonds are heavier than the pistachios and chocolate beads, the placement of the nuts on the chocolate leaves nothing to chance. Each piece is set by hand, one after the other, before the chocolate crystallizes. This attention to detail enhances the aesthetic appearance and guarantees an ideal distribution of flavor.

Dark chocolate 56% with whole nuts: caramelized almonds and hazelnuts (Spain), pistachios (Iran) and raspberry chocolate beads. Natural coloring dye. Ribbon is not edible.

In his repertoire of recipes, good begets good so Nicolas Cloiseau created two new chocolate creations exclusively for this gift box.

  • A play on Holiday traditions, this almond paste is a true delicacy, featuring the grainy moist texture of luscious figs, deliciously contrasted with a traditional almond praliné with a tinge of cinnamon buds.
  • A dark chocolate vegan* ganache, with panache, all intensity, and subtlety. This rare intense cacao 69% hails from São Tomé. For our Chef, it was love at first sight for this pure origin, a natural blend of acidulous tones with its colorful gentle spices.  Wonderful relaunch of cacao culture on the island of São Tomé and rehabilitation of fine cacao because for a long time this country had lost sight of the fact that they were a pioneer in cacao.

* without cream or butter

These virtual, ticketed tastings will kick off on December 1st and occur on a weekly basis through December 22nd.  Guests can enjoy a holiday giftbox and virtual tasting led by the La Maison du Chocolat team. 


Gift Boxes 100% cardboard, 100% recyclable (excluding the ribbon). Made in France.


With a trompe l’oeil play on piercings and light, Nicolas Cloiseau enlightens his chocolate like never before.

Along his garlands of perforations and geometric trails, light, imaginatively transparent, underscores the elegance of his chocolate craftsmanship. Between shadow and light, a fascinating optical illusion creates a multitude of reflections throughout the chocolate ornament. This hypnotic graphic design reaffirms the elegance of unbounded signature creativity. 

Once again, Nicolas Cloiseau challenges chocolate to defy its limitations. The craftsmanship of perforations and interior light, showcased in this Holiday ornament, gives new meaning to innovation and dreaming.  Here, no questions are needed, just a new way to be struck by beauty. 

The Star-Struck Holiday ornaments display a wealth of details, highlighting the finesse of the art of a chocolatier genuinely dedicated to gourmandise.


Perforating chocolate still to this day is the quintessence of the creative craftsmanship of Nicolas Cloiseau.  His “Star-Struck Ornament” is a unique artistic piece, edition limited to 10 pieces, made entirely by hand in our ateliers in Nanterre, bringing together quite a few talented artisan chocolatiers, meticulously working for one week.

This ornament in dark chocolate 69%, pure origin from the island of São Tomé, is molded into two half-spheres- 43 cm in diameter and decorated with 26 Holiday ornaments with five different diameters. It has 2,916 perforations, pierced and decorated with stars, and delicately tinted with an airbrush gun.  The ornament contains a spiral of LED lights to be plugged into a power supply.  Tie and base in chocolate, golden ribbon not edible.


The Star-Struck Holiday Ornament: $2,500 the artistic piece

One size only 3.69kg and 43cm in diameter.

STAR-STRUCK ORNAMENT BÛCHE (2021 exceptional buche)

Nicolas Cloiseau still has more to share about the beloved Holiday favorite: the Bûche de noël.  In the spirit of the Holidays,  Nicolas lets the light shine on the artisans who work with him. At the atelier, Holiday creations are all about teamwork, where chocolatiers and pastry chefs come together to shine a light on the art of Maison chocolate, some baking, some decorating.

The endless possibilities of chocolate invite a study in contrasts and balance of flavor.  First the freshness of the violette de Solliès fig, cut, poached, almost candied, rests upon traditionally roasted caramelized pralinés. Then intense notes of nuts appear and allow a moist crunchy cake, featuring almonds from Provence, to take over. The acidulous roasted intensity of a fine layer of chocolate mousse gives the impression of extreme lightness.  Taste takes center stage to guarantee an absolutely star-struck ornament of a dessert.


Star-Struck Ornament Bûche: 120€ the piece

One size of 6/8 persons in limited edition. Available only on reservation in one of our boutiques. Pick up your bûche in our shops from 20 to 24 December 2021. For more information, click here.

Dark chocolate mousse 69% pure origin from the island of São Tomé, traditional praliné with almonds from Provence, moist cake with crunchy almonds, layer of fresh moist violette figs from Solliès (Var). Decorated with 8 dark chocolate ornaments xx% 5 different diameters on both sides of the bûche, with 572 perforations, adorned with stars delicately tinted with an airbrush gun. Gold string ties are not edible.



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