A Responsible 


To bite into our chocolates is to savor: know-how and 100% artisanal manufacturing, resulting from the meticulous work of 35 chocolatiers and a Chef Créateur Meilleur Ouvrier de France, deeply attached to their craftsmanship. Chocolates are made, coated, decorated, selected, boxed one by one, by hand. The finest cocoas globally, 100% traced, 90% of which goes to producers, sourced for our chocolates guaranteed free of artificial colors, GMOs, and palm oil, enhanced with ingredients selected for their taste.

Why stick to the pleasure of the taste buds alone, when you can combine them with the pleasures of the heart and the mind, without compromise for the respect of nature and people?

Do good to the taste buds,

for the body and the planet

At Maison du Chocolat, we believe that all of our chocolates should do good not only for the taste buds but also for the heart, body, and planet. In every part of our House, we are working on it. If we have to change our recipes, we change them. Reinventing our profession is our daily life. No azo dyes, titanium dioxide, or palm oil in our chocolates. We trace all of our cocoas and favor suppliers who select growers fighting against deforestation, educating their children, having a positive social and environmental impact on local communities. And if some of our suppliers are not certified, we support them with quality audits.


Designed as a gift box to keep, solidly designed to protect our chocolates from external aggressions (heat, cold, humidity, shock), our mythical Maison box, 100% recyclable made in France, will have continued to improve. We campaign for eco-designed creations and are committed to optimizing all our packaging while preserving their gift value. We are working on the cardboard's thicknesses, and by 2022, we will remove the last plastic inserts.




When La Maison du Chocolat invites Too Good to Go in its stores or makes donations to the Food Bank, it is its brand responsibilities that it engages. Because by fighting against food waste, it respects the work of its employees and asserts the extreme freshness of its products to its customers. Gone are the days when gluttony rhymes with abundance and waste, the excellence of our House is part of other convictions.