The Magic of Quito 

It is our most balanced yet bold dark chocolate ganache.

Take a bite of about 1/2 the piece, and feel the gentle crunch of couverture, then let it melt for a second, to reveal the silky and creamy texture of the inside. ⁠


Your taste buds are immediately struck by its balanced flavor. The secret is that we blend 4 single origin cacaos in order to reach this perfect harmony. What's left on your palate is no bitterness whatsoever. 


The Magic of Chiberta

Chiberta is our most iconic fruit ganache, which has been infused with pure Orange. 

When you take a bite you sense sweet, crisp and fresh notes. The secret of this pairing is combining the intensity of dark chocolate with the freshness of pure orange. ⁠


A traditional but precise chocolate-making technique that reveal the audacity and creative spirit of La Maison du Chocolat yet in the respect of the French savoir-faire.


Discover our collections

Holiday Ornament Coffret 112 assorted chocolates

A holiday selection of 112 mixed ganaches and pralinés in dark and milk chocolate, along with our siginture dark chocolate truffles!


Coffret Maison Dark and Milk Chocolate 40 pieces

An iconic chocolate collection, featuring ganaches, and pralinés in dark and milk chocolate. Whether it's for you or a gift for someone else, you'll love La Maison du Chocolat's subtle chocolates.


Plain Dark Truffle Gift Box 35 Pieces

La Maison du Chocolat offers its plain chocolate truffles in collections of 2, 13, 35, or 58 chocolates. Our incredibly creamy mousse ganache filling is the sophisticated starting point of these delicious treats.


Pralinés Gift box 40 pieces

As one of our bestsellers, the taste and texture of praliné continue to delight. That's why La Maison du Chocolat has decided to showcase praliné chocolates in a number of collections.