Christmas at La Maison du Chocolat

Although it's a consistently popular treat throughout the year, chocolate becomes an essential at certain times - including the Christmas holidays! Ganache chocolates, pralinés, truffles, Yule logs, macarons: a wide range of products is sure to put a smile on your face. La Maison du Chocolat offers endless options and varied flavors for a stunning and delicious result.



With his unique pieces, Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, invites all chocolate aficionados to taste the exceptional. He promotes the savoir-faire and talent of his chocolatiers, who craft incomparable chocolate in its most singular expressions.

Coffret Maison Dark and Milk Chocolate 40 pieces

An iconic chocolate collection, featuring ganaches, and pralinés in dark and milk chocolate. Whether it's for you or a gift for someone else, you'll love La Maison du Chocolat's subtle chocolates.



The Star-Struck Holiday Ornament Collection, designed for aficionados of exquisite chocolate, elegantly underscores the joy of gift giving.  A unique gift is more than just a simple pleasure:  it is receiving, savoring and sharing.

Plain Truffles Gift Box 245g

Our incredibly creamy mousse ganache filling is the sophisticated starting point of these delicious treats.


Twigs Gift Box 20 pieces

Three pralinés mousse recipes to enjoy in a box: crunchy dark pralinés, coconut milk pralinés and classic caramelized biscuit pralinés.




The spirit of La Maison du Chocolat is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail of 35 professional chocolatiers who are deeply attached to their craft. All the chocolates are made by hand in the Nanterre workshop near Paris. The quality of the work can be seen by the eye: the fineness of the coating, the shine and the regularity are signs that do not lie. The human gesture requires patience and the know-how of experienced chocolatiers.

Holiday Treats 150g

Small holiday figurines in milk and dark chocolate.


Carya Gift Box

Featuring an assortment of collections of delicious sweet treats, they reflect our brand's subtle sophistication.


Maracuja Gift Box

Featuring an assortment of collections of delicious sweet treats, they reflect our brand's subtle sophistication.


Decadent Treat Gift Box 45 pieces

Find all the richness and delicacy of an assortment of Rocher homemade pralines and crunchy nuts finely coated with dark and milk chocolate.

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