What if the infinitely small gave us a different view of Christmas ? 

In the heart of the snow, Nicolas Cloiseau is fascinated by the geometric nature of snowflakes.

Shaped by the altitude and the cold, the unique structure of snowflakes beckons. Their beauty disarms and questions creation.

Nicolas Cloiseau's end-of-year collection is set in this frosty environment. Each facet of his chocolate seems to have been captured on film.

Never quite the same, their chocolate craftsmanship fascinates. You close your eyes and it feels like snow.

Collection available in stores and on the website on November 2023.


The Snowflake Advent Calendar slides its 26 chocolate treats into the whirlwind of the holiday countdown. An avalanche of sweets hidden in the 24 boxes, offering a gourmet pleasure every day.

We love the ice-blue whiteness of a calendar that plays on all the facets of seduction.

Bringing the magic of chocolate to life also means knowing how to surround yourself with other crafts and let multiple talents shine ! Every year, La Maison du Chocolat calls on artists to design the Christmas 2023 collection. The collection's design honors the imaginary world of #StephaneKiehl, an illustrator known for his sense of accumulation and superimposition of motifs and details, who places #Capucine.H's frosted Flocon at the heart of his drawing.


Snowflake Advent Calendar : HKD810 

Comprising 26 chocolate treats in 24 boxes: dark or milk pralines and demented squares. One size 195g.

100% cardboard calendar, 100% recyclable (excluding ribbon). Made in Belgium.


In a breath of polar wind, Nicolas Cloiseau suspends his frosted bouchée. A snowflake of perfect geometry, where the chocolate is cut into infinite strata.


Here, branches of dark and white chocolate pile up on a praline bouchée. As if buried in powdery snow, the snowflake covers a thick coat of praline with the crunch of roasted corn and fleur de sel. We're already dreaming of snow and cold. 


Snowflake Symphony Bouchée: HKD490 - One size 125g. 

Bite-sized almond-maize praline with Guérande flower of salt, topped with dark and ivory chocolate snowflakes. 

Available in stores and online from November 2023.

100% cardboard box, 100% recyclable (excluding ribbon). Made in France.


The collection's design honors the imaginary world of #StephaneKiehl, an illustrator known for his sense of accumulation and superimposition of motifs and details, who places #Capucine.h's frosted Flocon at the heart of his design.


Buried beneath the snow, the immaculate nature of the Christmas boxes crystallizes every chocolate craving. At the heart of an elegant glacial reverberation, a swirl of snowflakes covers the collection. Among the signature recipes, two creations breathe a breath of fresh air: the peaks of Haiti and a storm of caramelized corn. 


Nicolas Cloiseau unearthed this fine cocoa in the heart of Haiti's dazzling natural landscape. From the mixed orchards of Creole gardens to the original criollos (5 to 10% white beans), the 72% pure Haitian black ganache is a marvel of complexity. The chocolate attack, first spicy, then woody, extends to particularly chocolaty notes. This exceptional cocoa, low in tannin, flatters with an aromatic palette and natural finesse never before seen at Maison.

*This fine cocoa has been sourced by "Chocolatiers engagés", an innovative cocoa chain committed to quality chocolate with demanding, responsible values. A short circuit, respectful of the planters and the environment, which supports the planters of Haiti's agro-forestry creole gardens on the windy, well-watered northern plain, between the sea and the mountains.


Like a gust of wind, Praliné Maïs is a winner. Pop-culture fans are in for a treat: this small-grain praliné with milky, caramelized, and cocoa notes experiments with an attack of caramelized corn and crushed grilled corn, spiked with Guérande fleur de sel. On the palate, an addictive, particularly gourmand praline with a good cereal taste, new for Christmas.


In the Snow Collection, Christmas Gift Box Dark and Milk Chocolates :

16 assorted pieces, 112 g: HKD 560

24 assorted pieces, 168 g: HKD 775

40 assorted pieces, 278 g: HKD 1,245

60 assorted pieces, 415 g: HKD 1,865

112 assorted pieces, 760 g: HKD 2,915

Consisting of the Maison du Chocolat assortment and two 2023 novelties: a 72% pure Haitian-origin dark ganache and a corn praline with crushed roasted corn chips.

Available in stores and online from November 2023.

100% cardboard boxes, 100% recyclable (excluding ribbon). Made in France & Belgium


Nicolas Cloiseau invites us between heaven and earth, where craftsmanship works wonders and transforms dreams into unique objects. Another dimension where the infinitely small captures us. A magnifying glass of chocolate snowflakes, accumulated as never before, adorned with a thousand variations.

As if crystallized on the spot, the superposition of this snowflake with three hundred elements fascinates. Between emptiness and suspension, chocolate ingenuity is appreciated in black and white.

Life-like snowflakes reveal a fine frosted coat. Snowflakes to
nibble as you tell a story, to count the fresh mornings of Christmas.

The origins of the Noël sous la Neige collection lie in a meeting with Capucine Huguet, a young designer and jeweller (Grand Prix du Jury at the 36th Hyères Festival in 2021) whose work on snowflakes came to light following an Arctic expedition. 

Nicolas Cloiseau was freely inspired by his study of glaciers and the beauty of the microscopically detailed strata of flakes that mark the nature of his committed jewelry. #Capucine.h

A unique artistic creation by Nicolas Cloiseau, produced in a limited edition of ten, entirely handmade by our artisan chocolatiers, requiring 40 hours of labor.

On each side, an accumulation of 31 flakes in 5 strata, 3 different sizes, spread over 7.9 kg of chocolate (dark 56% and ivory 35%). The whole is perforated with 1,880 perforations and 300 elements make up this exceptional piece.


Snowflake Artistic Piece : HKD 20,454 

One size, 7.9 kg, 90cm high.

Available in stores from November 2023.



On the slippery slopes of indulgence, the snowy Yule log places chocolate at the pinnacle of covetousness. The outside of Nicolas Cloiseau's log may be snowy, but the inside warms the taste buds.

The chocolate, in an exercise of light, intense mousse, recalls the delicate nature of the snowflake. Melt-in-the-mouth pear glides over creamy caramel, while a gourmet avalanche rumbles with crushed toasted corn praline and crispy salted fried corn. In all its splendor, the powerful taste of corn falls right into place, taking the pear-chocolate-caramel trio into a fresh, enveloping and addictive play of flavors and textures.


72% organic dark chocolate mousse, pure Haitian origin, cocoa cookie, brunoise of poached Conference pears, thin sheet of crunchy chocolate, creamy caramel, praline with crushed toasted corn and crispy salted fried corn. In all its splendor, the powerful taste of corn falls perfectly into place, taking the pear-chocolate-caramel trio into a fresh, enveloping and addictive play of flavors and textures.





Capucine Huguet is a French designer and jeweller, who studied in Paris at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie and then in London. It was at Central Saint Martins School that she set her sights on bringing climate issues to the forefront through her jewelry design. In summer 2019, she will travel to Svalbard, an archipelago in the middle of the Arctic, to study the melting ice.

Attracted by the ruggedness of the landscapes, the wild and natural immensity of the glaciers and icebergs, she sees this trip as a concretization of her creative inspirations. During her journey, she met eminent glaciologists who took her into the field to study the melting of glaciers, making her realize the extent of the Arctic's melting and the urgency of taking action. She became fully aware of one of the founding principles of the fight against the climate crisis: awareness-raising and communication are at the heart of the actions to be taken. Her Arctic expedition led to the creation of her first collection, Wahlenbergbreen mementos, a warning about the melting ice.

The jewels in the collection pay homage to the Arctic, while reminding those who wear them that this too-often forgotten part of the world is in danger. Wearing such jewelry is a subtle way of displaying your environmental convictions and values, with the aim of initiating interaction or discussion with those around you. 


At the age of 24, Capucine Huguet created Capucine H, a committed jewelry house, to express through her creations the urgency to act in favor of an endangered Nature. Capucine H jewelry is a form of communication and expression, from her to her customers, and from her customers to those around them.

In 2021, Capucine was recognized as a "Bright Young Gems" in the "Responsible Thinking - Sustainable Eco-Heroes" category by the National Association of Jewellers.

Her global artistic thinking and meticulous work were also rewarded in 2021 at the Festival International de Hyères, with the Grand Prix du Jury in the Fashion Accessories category, presided over by Christian Louboutin. 


In 2022, she was nominated in the Originality category by the Centre du Luxe et de la Création, and her work was recognized with a CSR award from Francéclat in 2023. 

Capucine works more and more closely with scientists and biologists, whose knowledge she tries to pass on and thus communicate the climate emergency through her unique creations. Her second collection focuses on the importance of phytoplankton in preserving the planet.


In keeping with her values, the young jeweler also works as responsibly as possible, using 18 ct recycled gold, traced or recycled stones, and jewelry made by herself in her Paris workshop. Part of her profits are donated to Climeworks, a company that absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.

Symphony Coffret Maison Assorted 110 pieces

Snowflake Coffret Maison Assorted gift box design with La Maison's emblematic assortment of 60 assorted chocolates and two *EXCLUSIVE* Snowflakes symphony 2023 recipes.
With the chime of a holiday bell, a swirl of flakes covers the collection with snow.


Macaron Gift Box 12 pieces

Dark chocolate ganache, nestled in a crisp shell of French meringue, available in eleven intense flavors: chocolate, chocolate with raspberry, vanilla, coffee, caramel... Boxed collections of 6 macarons.
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