Marvelously Paris Collection

14 February 2022

Paris is the city of romance, where love was born and where La Maison du Chocolat was also born. The Marvelously Paris Collection invites us to the heart of the Parisian DNA of the house, by reinterpreting the four chocolate families. The iconic ganache, the magic of a smooth praline, the fruity chocolates and finally the spicy chocolates.


28 October 2021

Interlaced glowing star-struck ornaments invite us into the heart of Nicolas Cloiseau’s chocolate.  Illuminated with openwork, whether to simply admire or simply devour…the Star-Struck Holiday Ornament Collection puts luminous chocolate on center stage.  

Fruit Naturally

23 April 2021

Two years after the launch of his “Wellness” Collection presenting chocolates without butter or cream, Nicolas Cloiseau is rethinking the fruity emblematic ganaches of La Maison with a rediscovered intensity. 

Destination Chocolate Planet

22 February 2021

For Easter 2021, Nicolas Cloiseau imagines an extraterrestrial universe straight out of a comic strip.

Popping out of nowhere, Captain Ecuador, Pilot Peru and Agent Jamaica, on board their eggshaped flying saucer, just landed to explore the mysteries of the only planet that can grow chocolate.

Graphic Colors

February 2021

A reinvented tasting experience and new recipes ? Eco-friendly gift boxes, made in France, with colors shaking up Masion codes ?

Because you love our chocolates, today we are reinventing what you love so much about them.

Holiday Cracker Party

20 October 2020

Vibrant, lively and explosive, the 2020 Christmas Collection also celebrates the art of a crackling time. Taking his cue from a British holiday tradition, Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, twists the Holidays into an explosion of bold, festive crackers.

The Extraordinary Journeys

21 February 2020

For his latest fantastic voyage, our Chef Nicolas Cloiseau welcomes us onboard - setting sail for the southern seas, always on a quest for the finest cacao... Island of Grenada, Ghana, Vietnam… a long haul with three stopovers for this Easter under the sea.

Our Chef's recipe, chocolate to drink

1 May 2020

A recipe easy to prepare. Enjoy!

For breakfast, a brunch or just a for a snack…our chocolate beverage is perfect at any time of the day and may be served hot or cold.

Paris, I love you

18 January 2020

For Valentine's Day, our Chef Nicolas Cloiseau depicts four facets of Paris, sometimes chic, animated, exquisite or nonchalant but he always brings us back to these terraces, unfettered and free.

Polar Circle

28 October 2019

For this new Christmas collection, our Chef Nicolas Cloiseau is a chocolate storyteller! Flurries of snowflakes swirling around an iceberg...

Hedonists Bars

27 May 2019

Just one stroke. Clean, aesthetic, signed. Nicolas Cloiseau deconstructs the chocolate bar with his sixth sense for innovation.

Nourish mind, body, and spirit

30 March 2018

“And what if we just stopped making chocolate like we always have…”
Nicolas Cloiseau is always musing about the chocolate of tomorrow, of ganache invented anew. His "Wellness" Collection breaks away from academic practices.

Choc is chic by Nasty

1 June 2017

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, La Maison du Chocolat gave carte blanche for its mythical universe to Nasty, engaging Street Art artist, known and renown for the unexpected materials he chooses to express his art.