19 January 2024

Bonjour Paris

225 Faubourg, 52 François1er, 8 Madeleine, 19 Sèvres... From one neighborhood to another, life in Paris can be encountered and savored where beauty meets good taste. Nicolas Cloiseau, chef at La Maison du Chocolat and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier, invites us to take a bite out of the eternal modernity of Parisian life and brings his chocolate into the hustle and bustle of the capital. His signature “Bonjour Paris” transforms the Maison’s legendary addresses into a gourmet treasure hunt.


The "Bonjour Paris" Valentine's Day gift boxes will be available in boutique and online from January 23, 2024.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, the “Bonjour Paris” gift boxes are eco-designed: 100% cardboard, 100% recyclable (excluding ribbons) and made in Belgium.


225 Faubourg, 52 François 1er, 8 Madeleine, 19 Sèvres... life takes you from one Parisian neighborhood to the next, with unexpected encounters, taste experiences, and nostalgic pleasures along the way. The French capital’s beating heart is the rhythm behind Nicolas Cloiseau’s “Bonjour Paris” collection featuring four chocolatey recipes for all lovers of flavor and Valentine’s Day.



So chic! This ultra-dark ebony ganache from the island of Madagascar is like none other. With its 74% cocoa single origin cocoa, it has an enviable balance of flavor. Its acidic nature unfurls in singular woody and spicy notes, with a beautiful cocoa intensity.

Allergène :  lait


A perfectly dark almond paste filling in sync with the rhythm of the capital. In an unusual duo, Nicolas Cloiseau mixes his 70% dark ganache with an acacia honey almond paste. We love the incredible sensation of soft, melting almond pieces with the silky taste of chocolate.


A taste of Parisian life also means getting up close with the unexpected. The cashew praliné, with its pieces of roasted cashews and smooth, nutty flavor enhanced by a hint of fleur de sel, is sure to delight the taste buds. We’re crazy about the fine smoothness of this praliné in contrast with the texture of the cashew pieces, a totally original combination.


For all lovers of flavor, Paris is full of nostalgic pleasures. When a thin layer of strawberry chocolate coats a dark/milk chocolate ganache with Mara des Bois strawberry, you’ll bite into a milk-strawberry sensation fused with tangy, chocolatey notes of strawberry jam.


"Bonjour Paris" collection gift boxes

  • 4 chocolates 10€
  • 8 chocolates 18€
  • 15 chocolates 32€


With a grand flourish, Nicolas Cloiseau has arranged a bouquet of sensations for Valentine’s Day. A bite to devour wholeheartedly, with flavors for every taste bud. This almond-hazelnut praliné with Japanese rice pieces has intense toasted notes and an incredible crunch. Finely tinted with a milk chocolate exterior, the final product is a match for every desire. Flowers or chocolates? No need to choose.


"Bouchée Bouquet of Sensations" Gift box

  • 20€ piece


Nicolas Cloiseau, has created a Heart Gift Box filled with nuances and sensations, and alive with the sound of Valentine’s Day sweet nothings.  He offers our taste buds infinite pleasures, capturing complex feelings like no other in a bite of chocolate. Iconic pralinés and ganaches mingle with Akosombo heart-shaped bonbons with the darkly spiced notes of Ghanaian cocoa. And for all those who love to try new things, the four 2024 creations will whisk you away to Paris. A chic Madagascar single origin cocoa, a rounded chocolate almond paste, an unexpected cashew praliné, and the tangy fragrance of a chocolatey Mara des Bois strawberry. Without a doubt the most gourmet of gifts, to be enjoyed wholeheartedly!


Heart Gift Boxes

  • 14 chocolates 34€
  • 45 chocolates 72€

Heart Gift Box 45 chocolates

A fascinating red heart-shaped Maison gift box filled with ganaches, pralinés, heart-shaped bonbons, as well as  original creations.

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