25 february 2022

Nicolas Cloiseau cracks open the Easter festivities and lightness is in the air. His Collection, whimsical and flighty, celebrates the exquisite taste of chocolate and craftsmanship in the most delightful, eco-friendly and gourmand way possible.

Crafted with the same artistic liberty as that of Fabergé, Nicolas Cloiseau's egg is unrivaled in ingenuity. A study in refinement and lightness, his whirlwind of feathers holds many treasures.

The work of a master, reminiscent of Russian dolls, where each movement of chocolate defies balance, where the craquelure of the shell underscores its fragility, and where the finesse of the chocolate celebrates its most subtle expressions.

Proof positive that a kilo of feathers is still as light as a feather in the world of chocolate.  


The Easter Spring collection will be available in our boutiques and on the website from 15 march 2022.


*Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier


The Easter Feather Egg is a unique artistic piece, crafted by Nicolas Cloiseau, limited edition of ten pieces, made entirely by hand, requiring one week of work by our chocolatiers.

In dark chocolate 56%, this giant egg of 50 cm and 6 kilos has 72 cut out feathers and is covered in 200 curved feathers in chocolate in 15 different shapes, delicate overwork piece with 1,700 perforations.

It encloses a second cracked golden egg 40 cm covered in 23 carat gold sheets, garnished with 750 g of Easter figurines (milk and dark figurines, milk almond praliné eggs and dark Gianduja eggs). Because a thing of beauty is a joy forever, the cracked Egg in fine gold is covered in 112 sheets in gold, dried for over 24 hours.

All the feathers are glued on, one by one, by hand in a specific order for your eye to always have the 5 different types of feathers in view, regardless of the angle.Depending on how the feathers are glued on, the chocolatier can make his piece look wildly puffed up or simply more demure but always unique.  


Easter Feather Egg:

2 500€ the piece

Height: 50cm

Weight: 6kg


Allergens = Milk, soy, gluten, nuts.


In a burst of milk and dark chocolate, the Cracking chicks of Nicolas Cloiseau are driving their mother hens crazy!

About to hatch, their chocolate nature pulsates with the energy of chicks ready to break free. A claw here, a feather there, they might not look like it but they are ready for the challenge, and they crack their shell without a minute to spare.

No need to just peck, bite right into the delicious showy texture of a milk chocolate bouchée. It cracks, it crunches, the louder the better! You will not be able to resist the caramel notes of milk chocolate blended with roasted chopped hazelnuts, interspersed with crunchy chocolate pearls with caramel and crunchy crispy crêpes.


Cracking Chick milk or dark:

36€ the piece

Dimensions: L 12,5 cm x l 8 cm x h 4 cm

Weight: environ 120g 

Limited edition artistic pieces


Allergens = Milk, soy, gluten, nuts.

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