28 February 2024

The Egg Race!


At the starting line, our Chef Nicolas Cloiseau* takes us on a sack race against the clock and kicks off the 2024 egg hunt.

1,2,3, Easter, go! Put on your canvas bag and off you go.

Its champions take up the challenge with their customary good-naturedness. On the track, the good and the beautiful gain ground. Chocolate leads the race and reconciles everyone with sport.

This Easter, La Maison du Chocolat is dedicating a beautiful team story to all fans... of chocolate!


The Easter Collection will be available in stores and on the website from March 5, 2024. 


*Nicolas Cloiseau, Chef of La Maison du Chocolat and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier.


Somewhere between a sack race and a time trial, the giant egg timer invites the precious time of chocolate craftsmanship to win every challenge.

Nicolas Cloiseau's gourmet take on top-level athletes is a smiling companion to major sporting events. Here, the rules are played with, the competition lines move, and the opponents, in their white chocolate lanes, race down an athletics track covered in cocoa nibs.

In 20 seconds 24, the stopwatch ticks off 450 perforations as the runners defend their chocolate colors on the 160 cm course. 1,2,3, Easter, go!


2500€ the giant egg - 7.6 kg

L 56 x W 47x H 52 cm

 Limited edition artistic piece


Unique artistic piece entirely in chocolate, handmade, requiring 35 hours of work by our chocolatiers, signed Nicolas Cloiseau and edited in 10 copies. Assembled around a central egg in 56% dark chocolate, containing 750 g of milk and dark friture and praline eggs, with 450 perforations, encircled by a chocolate racetrack covered in cocoa nib with ivory chocolate lines, embellished with 3 characters in milk, dark or dulcey chocolate. Headbands, visors and medals in ivory chocolate.


Boosted with cocoa, Nicolas Cloiseau's duo of Athlete Eggs open the Easter festivities.

Ready to take on the greedy, the accomplices hide their game well. Their winning recipe? A melt-in-the-mouth bar of hazelnut milk chocolate spread, toned with roasted and caramelized hazelnut chips.

The communicative energy of Athlete Eggs takes fans by storm, while their chocolate medal challenges the most daring. Available in milk or dark versions, this unbeaten Easter delicacy is on everyone's lips, with Athlete Eggs leading the way!


39€ per 135g piece in dark or milk chocolate

L 8 x W 13.5 x H 4.5 cm

Limited edition artistic pieces


Dominican Republic 46% milk chocolate bar with Piedmont hazelnut spread and Madagascar vanilla, toasted and caramelized hazelnut chips, covered with a milk or dark chocolate mold.

Always made-to-measure, the jute bag molds of our two athletes are homemade, heads designed from a half-egg of 37% milk or 56% dark chocolate, based on a bar of hazelnut milk chocolate to a spread of roasted and caramelized chopped hazelnuts, coated in dark or milk chocolate. Chocolate hands, headbands, visors, eyes and medals.


Like an "egg shell" to be peeled, the Ganache Egg Shell reminds us of all the chocolate subtlety of the Maison's DNA.

Imagine, beneath a real eggshell, a fine dark chocolate coating enclosing a supple, silky 63% pure Peruvian chocolate ganache with notes of dark fruit. We love the chocolate intensity, the incomparable melt-in-your-mouth texture and the signature long finish.

Cut up or eat with a spoon.


13€ per 60g piece


In a chocolate gesture designed to cajole young and old alike, the Egg Bouchée, in hazelnut (new in 2024) or peanut versions, is a perfect Easter pirouette.

We love this melt-in-the-mouth bite of praline with fleur de sel coated in puffed chocolate, its centimetre of pure indulgence with a praline heart is a must for egg hunters. Dressed in Easter colors, the crunchy chocolate decoration contrasts with the extremely melting interior.

Hazelnut or peanut bunny? Pull the ears of your favorite morsel.


17€ per 50 g piece


Tel un « œuf coque » à écaler, l’Œuf Coquille nous rappelle la gourmandise des plaisirs simples.

Imaginez sous la véritable coquille d’œuf, une fine couverture de chocolat noir renfermant du praliné amande/noisette au caramel très cuit, dévoilant des notes de fruits secs caramélisés et des inclusions de noisettes hachées.

Pâques par nature, à découper, dévorer ou grignoter à la petite cuillère.


Oeuf Coquille

  • La pièce de 60g : 12€
  • La boite de 6 pièces, 360g : 54€ 

Allergènes – Lait, Fruits à coques

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