23 february 2023

To feel, to smell, to fall for… Easter Flower
Nicolas Cloiseau’s* Easter’s flowers invites us to taste the coming spring. With the scent of sunny days, it gives a chocolate air.


His idea takes freedom to germinate in an armful of fresh flowers. Here and there, the chef picks the brilliance of the first flowers, dreams of cocoa scents. In his landscape, two bucolic rabbits, cleverly hidden in the thickets, watch for the mischievous air.


A rural look that says a lot about the ever more inhabited taste, on the constantly renewed indulgence and on the finest of the Maison’s craftsmanship even more embodied. Easter is there, and we are delighted about it. 


The Garden of Easter Collection will be available in stores and on the website from March 9, 2023. 


*Nicolas Cloiseau, Chef of La Maison du Chocolat and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier.


In their chocolate wake, peonies, daisies, and poppies sow spring on our taste buds. Nicolas Cloiseau transforms Easter in a flower arrangement egg.

His chocolate bends to the art of detail and flatters the first pickings. As a flower, he draws luminous corollas, intertwines slender leaves. Petal after petal, he revels the delicate nature of a chocolate-scented spring. A breath of spring in its brilliance. The flower arrangement egg gives color to chocolate and covers the most exquisite Easter hunt with flowers. 


The Easter Feather Egg is a unique artistic piece made entirely of chocolate, handmade in our workshops, requiring 35 hours of work by our specialist chocolatiers and produced in a dozen copies. Assembled petal by petal, 7 white peonies and 8 orange poppies, all handmade, are combined with 5 delicately cut daisies. This armful of 20 flowers of 4 different sizes, brings together more than a hundred petals and is wrapped with 10 chocolate leaves spread over a dozen stems.

1700 perforations open up the whole, 10 golden eggs with 23 carat gold are hidden among the flowers and 750g of milk and dark frying and praline eggs line the inside of the bouquet. Dark chocolate 56%, ivory chocolate 33%.


Flower arrangement egg

  • 2 500€ per piece
  • Height : 75 cm
  • Weight : 6kg

 Artistic piece in limited edition


Allergens : Nuts, milk


At the level of the daisies, two snouts point their noses in the thickets. A paw here, two ears there, all their disarming naturalness evoke the beginnings of spring. 

Crunchy by nature, we melt for this cute little thing with big ears. A bite of milk chocolate with roasted rice and caramelized hazelnuts, spiked with fleur de sel, nicely camouflaged in a 37% milk or 56% dark chocolate grove.

Arrived like flowers, this year it is the rabbits that say the beautiful and good days of Easter.

Always made to measure, the molds of our two bunnies' groves are designed from a half egg of 37% milk or 56% dark chocolate, cut out and decorated with 33% ivory chocolate flowers, placed on a bite of milk chocolate with caramelized chopped hazelnuts and roasted rice, all spiked with fleur de sel, coated in dark or milk chocolate. 
White chocolate paw and muzzle, velvet finish. Dark and ivory eyes.


Milk or Dark Bunny Eggs

  • 37€ per piece
  • Dimensions : One size, L 14 cm x W 8,5 cm x H 4,5 cm
  • Weight: about 125g 

Artistic pieces in limited edition


Allergens : Nuts, milk


At Easter, Nicolas Cloiseau tells the taste of chocolate and craftsmanship in the most joyful and gourmet way. At Easter, Nicolas Cloiseau tells the taste of chocolate and craftsmanship in the most joyful and gourmet way. Here the unhinged eggs hide their game well. 

Entirely molded by hand with successive layers of chocolate and dried fruit, their layering of textures maintains a taste and sensation that combines pleasure.

Because here, under their wise and smooth chocolate shell, it is a centimeter of pure indulgence that twists the sensations.

In the milk version, we bite into the milk chocolate shell lined with melting blond chocolate sprinkled with irresistible shards of caramelized pecan nuts. On the cocoa side, we fall for a dark chocolate, masked with milk and buried in shards of roasted hazelnuts. 

Milk or Dark Unhinged Eggs

  • 75€ per piece
  • Weight : about 460g 


Allergens : Milk demented egg : nuts, gluten, milk. Black Demented Egg : Nuts, milk.


In a chocolate gesture designed to enthusiasts young and old alike, the peanut egg is an obvious Easter trick.

We love this melting bite of peanut praline with fleur de sel mixed with 46% milk chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Coated in puffed milk chocolate, the bouchée is dressed in the colors of Easter. Its crunchy dark chocolate decor contrasts with the extreme fondant interior.

Friendly advice? High risk of going nuts.


Peanut Egg

  • One size: 16€
  • Weight : about 50g 


Allergens : Peanuts, milk


Like a “shelled egg” to be peeled, the Egg coquille reminds us of the indulgence of simple pleasures.

Imagine under the real eggshell, a thin coating of dark chocolate containing very cooked caramel almond/hazelnut praliné, revealing notes of caramelized dried fruits and inclusions of chopped hazelnuts.

Easter, to be cut, devoured, or nibbled on with a spoon.

Egg Shell

  • The piece of 60g: 12€
  • Box of 6 pieces, 360g: 54€


Allergens - Milk, Shelled fruits



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