6 may 2024



Nicolas Cloiseau is fascinated with the idea of breaking chocolate out of its usual strictures, which is why, every morning, he rethinks what ganache can be. He has invented a collection of chocolates that suit summertime to a tee. As the weather gets warmer, we may not crave chocolate as much, but his summer chills - or Iced Chocolates - resonate with an inventive verve that brings a touch of hot and cold to the summer season. Here’s what that means in practice.


Available from May 16 in shops and on our online shop for home delivery anywhere in France, courier delivery to Paris and the suburbs and pick-up in the shop of your choice.


A ganache to enjoy frozen.

Nicolas’ flash of inspiration was to make a chocolate ganache that could be enjoyed frozen. It would be like a frozen chocolate mousse, but without the ice. He would keep the cream, flavor, and chocolatey intensity, with only the texture getting a revamp. The reason why we love chocolate-coated ice cream straight out of the freezer is because of the air whipped into the ice cream. That was no obstacle for Nicolas, however - he would infuse his ganache with air! It was a challenge that required tenacity, with 12 months of nerve-wracking trials, experiments to boost flavors’ intensity and tests on how sub-zero temperatures impacted the overall result.


By incorporating a ganache into a milk-based mousse, he got the structure he wanted. When it was eaten frozen, the cold yet melt-in-the-mouth airy chocolate kept all the sensory qualities he was looking for. It was like tucking into a fresh iced chocolate mousse with a crunchy coating. 


The First Taste of Givrée gift box is a proudly sub-zero product, but not only that, it opens up a whole new experience, as its chocolates can be eaten and taken out of stores at room temperature, then frozen at home. Its lucky owners get the fresh, airy sensation of a reinvented crunchy chocolate. What a way to welcome the summer!


Two signature chocolates and two fruity seasonal chocolates

€29 per box containing 16 chocolates

  • Dark chocolate with double vanilla : Dark chocolate ganache (70% cocoa) with Madagascan and Papua New Guinean vanilla, coated with dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate with fleur de sel salted caramel : A ganache made with two thirds dark chocolate (61%) and one third milk chocolate (41%), with fleur de sel salted caramel and coated with milk chocolate
  • Peach and apricot : A ganache made with one third dark chocolate (80%) and two thirds milk chocolate (41%), concentrated peach juice and apricot purée,  and coated with milk chocolate
  • Strawberry and thaï basil : Dark ganache (80%), Mara des Bois strawberry purée and a Thai basil infusion, coated with dark chocolate