14 October 2022

What is Christmas without its dizzying array of emotions?

Because he likes to surprise, Nicolas Cloiseau, Chef of La Maison du Chocolat and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier, climbs the heights of accumulation this year. He who defies the plasticity of chocolate, signs the most captivating collection. Design and greediness mingle in a "gift spirit" that speaks volumes about temptation.

Boxes, precious cases, gifts and logs nicely wrapped fascinate. What do they hide? What do they say about our desires?
Nicolas Cloiseau explains that the Christmas story for La Maison du Chocolat is the most audacious of all gifts.

Collection available in stores on November 2 and on the website on November 3, 2022.


Almost a ritual, the Advent Calendar treats bring us closer each day to the Chrstmas festivities.

A daily gourmand rendez-vous to live a new experience each moment of the 24 days of advent. 

The Maison du Chocolat Advent Calendar is bedecked with delicious treats for a lovely surprise each day.

Let the countdown to the Christmas begin !   


The illustrations on this calendar feature the lush creative universe of Swedish artist Fideli Sundqvist. Chosen for her collages in paper which are simply out of this world.  Her creations, colorful and aesthetic, practically symmetrical and three dimensional, are staged then carefully photographed.  @fidelisundqvist


Precious Case Advent Calendar : 60€ piece

Composed of 26 chocolate attentions. 195g

Calendar 100% cardboard, 100% recyclable (excluding the ribbon). Made in Belgium.



Always in search of the perfect angle, the Gifts Galore bouchées gift boxes are the perfect excuse to indulge. With their sensation of perfectly selected crunchy nuts, this quartet honors what is essential : play on contrasts, flavors, textures that showcase the finesse of irresistible chocolate pairings. You will simply melt for the creamy nougat paste; the gianduja with the intensity of unhinged hazelnuts, discover the crunch of caramelized pistachios and almonds on a layer of creamy cacao nibs then acidulous raspberry blended with dark chocolate hazelnut mendiant.


Bouchée milk “Shooting Star” : nougat paste with roasted chopped hazelnuts, almonds, white chocolate shooting star 33%.

Bouchée dark “Ribbon” : gianduja with hazelnuts, hazelnut paste, chocolate strawberry ribbon.

Mendiant milk : caramelized pistachios and almonds, cacao nibs, milk chocolate 37%.

Mendiant dark : caramelized hazelnuts, crunchy beads with raspberry, cacao nibs.


Absolutely Gift Assortment : 29€ piece

Limited edition piece, entirely handmade. Unique size of 100g.


Calendar 100% cardboard, 100% recyclable (excluding the ribbon). Made in France.


Within reach of dreams, La Maison du Chocolat imagines Christmas to be an avalanche of gifts, at the height of gourmandise. Its "Christmas Gift" collection reflects the pleasure of a moment to be given or shared. Among the House's DNA recipes, two new creations will fuel Christmas conversations.

This collection features a new generation of exquisite cacao that offers a very subtle aromatic palette. The dark ganache Cameroon is the perfect example with its subtle gourmand chocolate notes, barely known compared to the robust taste of the cacao from Central Africa, it nevertheless is 71% cocoa.   A few notes barely robust at the finish enhance the roundness and natural finesse of this pure origin dark chocolate.

What praliné has never dreamed of becoming even more intense ? On a layer of candied lemony orange, the pecan praliné with its slivers of pecans and Guérande fleur de sel puts a spotlight on nuts and Holiday citrus in an intensity of unequaled taste. You will melt for this traditional praliné coarsely roasted and accented with salt and tempered with crisp lively candied orange. 


Christmas Gift Collection

Composed of the signature Maison du Chocolat assortment featuring two new creations 2022: dark ganache 71% pure origin Cameroon and pecan praliné with candied lemon orange.

24 assorted pieces, 168 g : 33€  

40 assorted pieces, 280 g : 49€  

60 assorted pieces, 418 g : 73€  

112 assorted pieces, 764 g : 135€  


Calendar 100% cardboard, 100% recyclable (excluding the ribbon). Made in France.


If the Christmas tree is the embodiment of our christmas desires, Nicolas Cloiseau’s tree takes chocolate to dizzying heights. A structure defying all norms, it brings together small and large gifts to satisfy your every temptation. 

Gifts on high, long, round, wrapped in chocolate gift wrap, bedecked with perfectly appointed ribbons, spark dreams about what is hidden inside.  Pushing juxtaposition to its limit, gifts are piled right to the top of this extraordinary tree. 

His tree becomes the gift in a double play in chocolate that speaks volumes of Maison savoir-faire dedicated to please the eye and gourmandise.


Gift Tree Vertige is a unique artistic piece, only ten pieces available worldwide, made entirely by hand in our ateliers, requiring 33 hours of work by our chocolatiers.  

The entire structure of the tree rests on the balance of 14 gifts (8 in dark chocolate pure origin Cameroon 71%, 6 in milk chocolate 34%) with a distribution of 7.2 kilos of chocolate.

To complete the illusion, the gifts are an openwork of 1,800 perforations made by hand and chiseled with thirty stars. 7 bows in chocolate (white, milk and chocolate with strawberry) overhang the uppermost top to give the Impression of movement.  


Gift Tree Vertige : 1800€ the artistic piece

One size 7,2 kg and 90cm in height

ABSOLUTELY GIFT BÛCHE (exceptional bûche 2022)

Under its chocolate packaging, the bûche of Nicolas Cloiseau hides its game well. This year his gift sits at the dinner table, undoes our tastebuds and more than one Christmas tree should be expecting it under its branches.   

Gift of all gifts, the bûche is the most gourmand gift of all. Chocolate is the starting point, then salted caramel and pecan praliné - oh so nostalgic. The intensity and roundness of the chocolate mousse 71% is in contrast with the fluid and intense notes of caramel that slide over grains of the traditional pecan praliné. Some pecans enrobed in milk chocolate, bring it all together on a layer of brownie with caramelized pecan powder. You will melt and almost forget that it is time to exchange presents.

In sync with the times, the sleek contours of the  Absolutely Gift Bûche make it a clear favorite among the most beautiful Christmas surprises.


Dark chocolate mousse 71% pure origin Cameroon, traditional praliné with pecans and fleur de sel from Guérande, caramel crémeux with salted butter, slivers of pecans enrobed in milk chocolate, brownie cake with caramelized pecan powder, dark chocolate glaze.  

Decorated with chocolate ribbons (white, milk, and chocolate with strawberry), base in milk chocolate perforated and decorated with stars. 


Absolutely Gift Bûche : 120€ piece

One size only 6/8 servings limited edition.

Reservation from December 1st in the store. Collection from the stores from December 21 to 24.

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