Bold & Robust.  
Weight: 0.075kg
Dimensions : 6,9 cm x 1 cm x 16 cm
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Discover the essence of Africa in La Maison du Chocolat's Single Origin Noir Robuste 85% Chocolate Bar. Crafted with a selection of premium cocoa beans sourced from the heart of Africa, this dark chocolate creation embodies the continent's rich chocolate heritage.

With an impressive 85% cocoa content, this chocolate bar delivers an intense and robust flavor experience. Each bite is a journey through the diverse landscapes and unique terroirs of Africa, where the cocoa beans are carefully cultivated. The chocolate's natural bitterness is expertly balanced with the nuanced cocoa notes, creating a harmonious symphony of taste.

La Maison du Chocolat's commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in this extraordinary creation, where the finest African cocoa beans are transformed into a masterpiece of depth and character. Indulge in the soulful and robust flavors that Africa has to offer, and experience the artistry of chocolate-making at its finest. This chocolate bar is a tribute to the continent's chocolate legacy, a true delight for those seeking an authentic and captivating chocolate experience.

  • Best consumption period* : From 10 to 538 days after purchase
  • *Optimal duration of consumption as well as the date indicated on the back of the product are indicatives dates.
  • Price per kilo: HK$2.00/kg
  • Storage temperature: 0 °C

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Enjoy our chocolates at a room temperature of 20°C. Accompany your tasting with mineral water, to allow the flavors of the chocolate to best express themselves. You can keep our chocolates in a dry and cool place, (18°C) in their original packaging, or in the bin at the bottom of your refrigerator, after having protected your box in a paper or plastic bag (in the latter case, take the chocolates out 30 minutes before eating them).


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