9 January 2023

The Heart of Paris​
This Valentine's Day, Nicolas Cloiseau transports us to Paris: the city of love, light, and exquisite taste. Through the collection and new exclusive recipes, our Master Chef invites you to delight in the delicacies and subtleties of Parisian life. His chocolate musings will take you to new heights, literally and figuratively. With each bite, you will experience the feeling, tinged with lightness and sunny horizons. For all lovers of taste, Paris offers itself as a gem in a warm and luminous chocolate interlude. A bouquet of sensations in the air of time with many pretexts for tasting.​
All too often, we forget to see beauty from a different perspective. Imagine, high up above the city, you are on a balcony at sunset. What do you see? What accompanies you? At this fascinating moment, where time seems to stand still, in a soft and romantic atmosphere, hidden beauty and chocolate awaits you. ​
The Heart of Paris Collection will be available online and in-store January 9th, 2023.

Heart of Paris Valentine's Day CollectionHeart of Paris Valentine's Day Collection
Sunset in Paris Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift BoxesSunset in Paris Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Boxes

The Sunset in Paris Gift Boxes​
Housed in a limited-edition copper hot-stamped design by Parisian illustrator Bernard Aznar, and at the very heart of Nicolas Cloiseau's chocolate musings, experience Paris as a picture-perfect chocolate escape. Take yourself to the South of France to see the sunflowers or taste good honey, Journey back to the center of Paris just in time for the luminous sunset. These beautiful creations lead into a crescendo of sensations with four new exclusive recipes:​

Chiaroscuro: Milk chocolate ganache (43%) blended with dark chocolate (65%), pure from Grenada, enrobed in milk chocolate​

  • Allergens: milk

Gold from Paris: Dark chocolate ganache (58%) with Parisian honey, enrobed in dark chocolate​

  • Allergens: milk​

Luminous Heart: Heart of almond/hazelnut praliné with caramelized sunflower seeds, enrobed in milk chocolate​

  • Allergens: nuts (almond, hazelnut), milk​

Enchanting Vanilla: Ganache with vanilla from Madagascar delicately set on a layer of praliné with black pepper from Malabar, enrobed in dark chocolate​.

  • Allergens: nuts (almond, hazelnut), milk, soy​

Discover the Sunset in Paris Gift Boxes​

Valentine's Day is a holiday recognized and celebrated worldwide, ​
and in France it is called La Saint-Valentin. Ever wonder why? ​
Because "Saint Valentin" is masculine, one would expect the article associated with ​
the phrase to be "le". In actuality, the French are describing the holiday as "la fête de Saint Valentin",​
 therefore when we refer to the day of February 14th, we use the article “la”. ​
So, how will you be celebrating La Saint-Valentin?

The Flamboyant Heart Bouchée Gift Box​
Hearts, chocolate, and, of course, Paris. For the most gourmand Valentines, this year offer them the nostalgia, desire, and creaminess of our heart bouchée. ​Made of melt-in-your-mouth gianduja with Piedmont hazelnut paste and accents of roasted and caramelized hazelnuts, this artistic piece is perfect for you or for two. ​Over smooth and crunchy textures with intense notes of dried fruits, this treat encapsulates the subtleties of romance through taste and presentation this Valentine's Day.​

                • Allergens: nuts (hazelnut), milk​​

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The Flamboyant Heart Artistic Piece Bouchée Gift BoxThe Flamboyant Heart Artistic Piece Bouchée Gift Box
The Heart Collection Chocolate Gift BoxThe Heart Collection Chocolate Gift Box

The Heart Collection Gift Boxes​
Inspired by the yearly flurry of Valentine’s Day love notes, Nicolas Cloiseau created an assortment special to the Heart Collection, rich in nuances and sensations. He indulges our tastebuds, capturing, like no one else, the delicacy of emotion in a few grams of chocolate. Emblematic pralinés and ganaches surround the Akosombo heart bouchées with spicy dark chocolate notes of Ghanian cacao.

And for all aficionados of innovation, our four NEW exclusive recipes lend a Parisian touch to the collection. Smoothness of a pure origin cacao from the Island of Grenada, roundness of a ganache with Parisian honey, caramelized accents of a heart with sunflower praliné, and enchanting flavors of a vanilla ganache with Indian pepper from Malabar. Give your whole heart with this box today.​

  • Allergens: nuts, gluten, soy, egg, milk​

Discover The Heart Collection Gift Boxes​

Here is some French love vocabulary to get you inspired:​
Un amoureux / une amoureuse – a sweetheart​
Mon chéri, ma chérie, mon amour…​
Joyeuse Saint Valentin – Happy Valentine’s Day