Glazed Chestnuts Gift Box 6 pieces

Glazed chestnuts from Turin, exceptional silkiness with a moist, soft center, and slightly sweetened.  
Weight: 0.136kg
Dimensions : 15,9 cm x 9,5 cm x 3,3 cm
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A few words about
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Originating in Turin, Italy, our glazed chestnuts are recognized for their superb quality, silky texture, and sweet taste. The chestnut rests in a sugary syrup for several days until it is candied all the way through. 

Shelf-life: 10 to 26 days

Available for a limited period of time.

  • Best consumption period* : From 8 to 26 days after purchase
  • *Optimal duration of consumption as well as the date indicated on the back of the product are indicatives dates.
  • Price per kilo: HK$3.00/kg
  • Storage temperature: 8 °C

In this box


Best appreciated at room temperature. 


chestnuts (59.5%), sugar, glucose syrup, natural vanilla.

Nutritional values

Nutrition Facts : Calories (Kcal) : 313, Total Fat (g) : 1.2, Saturated Fat (g) : 0.2, Trans Fat (g) : 5, Total Carbohydrate (g) : 73, Total sugar (g) : 70, Protein (g) : 0.9


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