Victoires Hatbox

 A collection of gifts nestled in an elegant hatbox, name and inspired by Paris, and all the famous Parisian squares. An embodiment of our French savoir-faire!
Weight: 2.809lbs
Dimensions : 18,1 in x 18,1 in x 6,6 in
Home and office delivery in United States

A few words about
our creations...

Every year La Maison du Chocolat dresses its collections with sumptuous gift boxes featuring the House's iconic codes. To offer or to offer oneself, already composed or according to one's desires, there is certainly a creation that will underline the refinement of each pleasure of offering.
Our newest collection of Hatboxes are named and inspired by Paris, and all the famous parisian squares. An embodiement of our french savoir-faire!


The Victories Hatbox includes...

1x Coffret Maison Dark and Milk Chocolate 0.617 lb – 40 pieces
1x Orangettes Case 0.507 lb – 68 pieces
1x Fine Champagne Truffle Gift Box 0.540 lb – 35 Pieces
1x Twigs Gift Box 0.342 lb – 20 pieces
1x Bars Gift Box 0.273 lb – 16 chocolates
1x Craquant Gift Box 0.529 lb

*The composition and color of our boxes may vary. All Hatboxes are sent closed.

  • Optimal freshness* : 10 to 26 days
  • *For optimal freshness please keep your chocolate in a sealed container in a cool dry area.
  • Price per kilo: $455.26/kg
  • Storage temperature: 64.4 °F

In this box


Our chocolates are best appreciated at room temperature. We advise that you cut your chocolate in two and let it melt in the mouth to allow time for the flavors to develop. When you are tasting several chocolates, it is best to start with plain chocolate, then move on to flavored varieties: first those with fruits, then spices, then alcohol.


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