How is our chocolate made ?

The chocolate-making process is perfectly precise. The finest cocoa beans in the world are sought by an expert sourcer. Farmers are responsible for growing these beans, which are then roasted and conched by couverture chocolate producers. The final stage involves the chocolatier who creates dark chocolate as you know it.


The rare and pure cocoa used by our chocolatiers is the result of the incredible chocolate-making process. This transformation is a genuine art form.

Marvelously Paris Gift Box 15 pieces

A luminous gift box filled with 15 chocolates in our four new flavors in celebration of the city of lights and love!



All our fabulous chocolates are made by hand in Nanterre, close to Paris. This artisanal chocolate-making process requires precision and expertise worthy of the world of haute couture.

Marvelously Paris Macarons Gift Box 6 Pieces

Dark chocolate ganache nestled between two crunchy shells of French meringue, four intense flavors with flavored chocolate ganache. Assortment in gift box of 6 pieces.


Marvelously Paris Bouchee Gift Box

Sometimes silky, crackling, fruity, or crunchy, Nicolas Cloiseau unveils four recipes bursting with pleasure, flavors, and emotions in this incredible gift box.


Heart Gift Box 45 Assorted

An elegant gift box filled with a selection of our best milk and dark chocolates including four limited-edition flavors for Valentine's Day.


Marvelously Paris Gift Box 8 pieces

A luminous gift box filled with 8 chocolates in our four new flavors in celebration of the city of lights and love!




Discover in our signature boxes topped with chocolate candies and / or truffles and our elegant hat boxes, a whole range of chocolate creations varying flavors and appearances to delight the eyes and taste buds. So many refined and gourmet incarnations of our vision of chocolate served today by the talent and experience of Nicolas Cloiseau.