30 September 2020

Because you love our chocolates, today we are reinventing what you love so much about them. 

With this new collection, we will offer you:

- A reinvented tasting experience and new recipes,

- New shapes for our chocolates, showcased by the graphic layout of the gift boxes, 

- Eco-friendly gift boxes, made in France, with colors shaking up maison codes,

- And you will always have the possibilty to compose your gift boxes in the boutiques! 



Instantly recognizable, the emblematic gift box of La Maison du Chocolat, understated and refined, evokes the natural elegance of craftsmanship down to the last detail. Silky ganaches are side by side with gourmand pralinés in an assortment of iconic recipes, crafted for aficionados of good and beautiful chocolate.



Maison du Chocolat obliges, Maison macaroons do nothing like the others. Their heart of scented dark chocolate ganache nestles between two crisp shells of French meringue. Gluttony for the eyes and the palate, this unique recipe brings freshness and envy to all the addictions for the small round cake.



In step with the spirit of the times, the Treats of La Maison du Chocolat embody the pleasure of sharing and celebrate gourmand snacking. They satisfy all the cravings for chocolate recipes, nostalgic and created to please everyone.



Exemplifying subtlety and finesse, our truffles with their airy, silky ganache are enrobed with a veil of chocolate, a delicate dark chocolate shell, gourmand and crunchy, then delicately rolled in cocoa powder.


Available  now in boutiques and online.

"To keep the signature style of the original gift box current is to do a gentle touch up without touching it, shaking up the mythical codes to evolve with the times.

Given our incessant focus on detail, the Maison Gift Box is now more than ever in sync with the times."

Nicolas CLOISEAU, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier

The Garden of Easter Macarons Gift Box 12 pc

Easter thematic sleeve with 12 delightful Maison recipe macarons reminiscent of a Springtime walk through the garden


The Garden of Easter Macarons Gift Box 6 pc

Easter thematic sleeve with 6 delightful Maison recipe macarons reminiscent of a Springtime walk through the garden.


Fruit Naturally Gift Box 16 Vegan Chocolates

Gift box 16 Vegan fruit ganaches: Blackcurrant, Salvador, Andalousie, Chiberta, Maracuja.


Parisian Macaron 24 Piece Gift Box

Dark chocolate ganache, nestled in a crisp shell of French meringue, available in gift box collections of 24 macarons.

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