Coffret Maison Dark 60 pieces

La Maison du Chocolat's delicious dark chocolate boxed collections are available in different sizes: choose from 24, 40, 60, or 84 ganaches, pralinés, and covered in dark chocolate.

Weight: 0.915lbs
Dimensions : 9,4 in x 5,9 in x 1,3 in
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A few words about
our creations...

This iconic boxed collection was created to delight dark chocolate fans by Robert Linxe, La Maison du Chocolat's founder, in 1977. The chocolates' mahogany brown and black color, delicate structure, and impressive mouthfeel showcase the unrivaled quality of the cocoa beans used to create them. Nicolas Cloiseau, our chef and holder of the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in chocolate making, has carefully selected these beans to produce exceptional chocolates with a precise, unique taste. Open your box to find chocolates with a wide range of delicious flavors. Plain ganaches made with dark chocolate, ganache flavored with Bourbon vanilla, mint, and coffee infusions, and fruity ganaches make up this incredible box. Fans of pralinés will be thrilled to enjoy dark pralinés mixed with roasted (and sometimes caramelized) almonds and hazelnuts. Sweet almond paste is also included in each box to contrast with the hint of bitterness of dark chocolate.

*The composition of our boxes may vary.

  • Optimal freshness* : 10 to 26 days *For optimal freshness please keep your chocolate in a sealed container in a cool dry area.
  • Price per kilo: $313.25/kg
  • Storage temperature: 64.4 °F

In this box


  • x6 Anastasia

    Smooth almond hazelnut praliné and Gianduja hazelnuts.

  • x8 Jolika

    Almond paste with pistachio, enrobed in a fine layer of dark chocolate.

  • x6 Rocher Noir

    Praliné with almonds and hazelnuts with silvers of roasted almonds.


  • x4 Akosombo

    Dark chocolate ganache with spicy notes of cacao from Ghana.

  • x4 Andalousie

    Dark chocolate ganache infused with lemon zest and blended with a lemon cream featuring lemons from the South of France.

  • x4 Caracas

    Ganache au chocolat noir corsé.

  • x2 Abyssinie

    Dark chocolate ganache with a cold infusion of coffee from Ethiopia.

  • x4 Extrême Chocolat

    Dark chocolate ganache 100% cocoa, perfect balance between the acidulous character and bitterness of pure cocoa. 

  • x4 Guayaquil

    Dark chocolate ganache with Bourbon vanilla.

  • x4 Maracuja

    Dark chocolate ganache with passionfruit pulp. 

  • x4 Quito

    Ganache au chocolat noir mi amer.

  • x4 Salvador

    Dark chocolate ganache with raspberry pulp. 

  • x2 Chiberta

    Dark chocolate ganache infused with orange zest and blended with orange cream. 

  • x2 Noir de Cassis

    Dark chocolate ganache with the pulp of blackcurrants from Burgundy, infused with blackcurrant buds.

  • x2 Zagora

    Dark chocolate ganache with an infusion of mint leaves.


Taste our chocolates at a room temperature of 68 °F. Accompany your tasting with mineral water, to let the flavors of the chocolate express themselves at their best. You can store our chocolates in a dry and cool place (64°F) in their original packaging, or in the tray at the bottom of your fridge, after protecting your box in a paper or plastic bag (in the latter case, take the chocolates out 30 minutes before tasting them).


dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), vanilla natural flavouring), cream (milk), sugar, almond paste, hazelnut, almond, glucose syrup, butter (milk), milk chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin, soy lecithin), vanilla natural flavouring), texturizer (sorbitol), pistachio, cocoa butter, passion fruit juice and pulp, invert sugar, cocoa paste, raspberry (fruit, puree), water, blackcurrant, mango puree, fralase, pistachio paste, dextrose, almond powder, raspbery juice concentrate, coffee, lemon (peels, cream), orange cream, fresh mint, orange concentrate, whole milk powder, strawberry powder, crushed cocoa beans, natural flavouring (vanilla, kirsch cherry, raspberry, lemon), orange peels, food colouring (curcumin, annatto, beetroot), lemon (juice, concentrate), acidity régulator (citric acid), vanilla pods, concentrate (apple, blackcurrant, radish), blackcurrant pepprer, emulsifier (soy lecithin).
Dark chocolate contains : Cocoa solids 56% minimum. Milk chocolate contains : Cocoa solids 37% minimum - Milk solids : 26% minimum.

Nutritional values

Nutrition Facts : Servings : 20, Serving size : 1 piece (21g), Calories: 106, Total Fat (g): 7,1 ( 9.1 % DV ), Sat fat (g): 3,9 ( 19.4 % DV ), Trans fat (g): 1, Cholesterol (mg): 4,29 ( 1.43 % DV ), Sodium (mg): 2 ( 0.1 % DV ), Total carb (g): 9,8 ( 3.6 % DV ), Fiber (g): 1,3 ( 4.8 % DV ), Total sugars (g): 8,5, Added sugars (g): 0,9, Protein (g): 1,4, Calcium (mg) ( 10.6 % DV ), Iron (mg) ( 25 % DV ), Potassium (mg) ( 16.5 % DV )


This product contains

  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Soya

This product may contain

  • Egg
  • Peanut

Savior-Faire and Craftsmanship

Created in small quantities of 30-50 kilos to maintain the recipe's precision, ganaches, and pralines are made with the utmost care. Each mixture is spread out and smoothed by hand on marble surfaces before they are meticulously produced, carefully covered and decorated with a miniature piping bag or a fork, individually and by hand. These chocolates are assessed before being chosen for boxed collections and are sampled during the process.

Throughout production, as the chocolate crystallizes, the temperature is carefully controlled to ensure finer flavors. Time is required, time for the mixture to rest and to dry, time for craftsmanship.

La Maison du Chocolat's values are reflected in the meticulous work of 35 experienced chocolatiers who are incredibly passionate about their craft.