The Garden of Easter

This holiday, Nicolas Cloiseau takes us on a walk through La Maison du Chocolat's Garden of Easter. With this collection and innovative new creations, our Master Chef emulates the taste of incoming spring. With the sun in our eyes and the scent of chocolate in the air, this idea blossoms in the form chocolate flower buds and feathers, wrapped in a beautiful (and fully edible) bouquet. Can you smell them?

Inspired by the pretty peonies, daisies, and poppies of Spring, we bask in this chocolate ode to excitement. Around every corner in the garden, we search for eggs and say hello to bunnies, satisfying the inner child in all of us. 

In an effort to continuously fuel that spark, La Maison du Chocolat unearths the dormant lust for life in all of us through an endless effort to push the boundaries of chocolate, taste, and adventure. What adventure will you take through The Garden of Easter? What will you find? And how will it ignite your inner imagination? Sunny days are on the horizon, and chocolate follows close behind.

The Garden of Easter Collection will be available online and in-store February 28th, 2023.

The Easter Eggs

Housed in a new seasonal box design, these gourmand eggs are apropos to the holiday itself. Molded by hand, with successive layers of chocolate, dried fruits, praliné, and more, you'll have to taste them to see what they are all about. An array of textures maintains sensation and indulgence in the most fun way with our Easter eggs, so don't celebrate Easter Sunday without them. There is a surprise in each—hunt for them all, and tell us which one is your favorite!​

  • Allergens: milk, gluten, nuts​

Discover some of our favorites:

The Easter Animals​

Hens, fish, and, of course, bunnies. Made with the influence of Easter for traditionalists and unconventionalists alike, enjoy these melt-in-your-mouth molds and bouchées poured and mixed with the holiday spirit. ​
Choose from smooth dark or sweet milk chocolate, bites of crunchy peanut praline, or chocolate with layers of caramelized hazelnuts and roasted rice to accompany your Easter rendezvous.​
Over egg hunts and services and brunch, these textures and flavors are here to make your Easter a little bit sweeter. In the collection, there is a joyful and delicious delicacy for everyone. Find yours today.​

                    • Allergens: nuts, milk​

Discover some of our favorites:​

The Easter Treats​
Inspired by the refreshing nature of Spring and giddiness around Easter, Nicolas Cloiseau created an assortment of treats to recreate these feelings through chocolate notes and nuances. He indulges our tastebuds, capturing, like no one else, the joy and nostalgia common to this holiday and beyond. Emblematic praline eggs in four flavors of dark chocolate pink and orange, and milk chocolate blue and purple, come in a variety of different assortments and sizes for the perfect Easter experience. For a simpler touch, Poisson d'Avril hit the spot in six different fish characters and iconic French tradition. And for all lovers of good taste and crunch, our Craquant Gift Boxes are for you. A combination of La Maison du Chocolat treat offerings and our iconic Maison craquant creations, including milk and dark chocolate Avelinas. Treat yourself or someone else to a box today. ​

  • Allergens: nuts, gluten, milk​

Discover some of our favorites:​