21 February 2020

For his latest fantastic voyage, Nicolas Cloiseau* welcomes us on board - setting sail for the southern seas, always on a quest for the finest cacao... Island of Grenada, Ghana, Vietnam… a long haul with three stopovers for this Easter under the sea.

A submerged adventure on the lookout for novel taste and gourmandise, Nicolas Cloiseau plunges us into the depths of our childhood memories. Hens and chicks hop onboard this exploration under the seas. Their amazed expressions anticipate the deluge of surprises that this Easter has in store for them!



Artistic piece made entirely by hand, in limited edition, 7 kg, 1400€

Worldwide tour of the deep... Nicolas Cloiseau’s vessel sets sail for the sources of exceptional cacao: Island of Grenada, Ghana, Vietnam.

His quest reveals the terroirs, flavors, and savoir-faire of fine craftsmanship. Captain of this wild adventure, his submarine makes time stand still. Pay no heed to the damage, this rusted vessel in chocolate, pierced and patched, simply melts on the lovely reefs of this chocolate adventure.

Available on request from one of our boutiques.







Artistic piece made entirely by hand, 560g, 130€

To find a rare pearl is to meet the unknown. In his search for the finest cacao, this Easter diving bell is quite a trailblazer.

This diving bell explores treasures of fine taste, a voyage to definitely please all palates!








135g, 34€ piece

Available in Island of Grenada, Ghana, Vietnam chocolate.

Every captain needs a good crew. Nicolas Cloiseau lays out his vision. His mates, eyes glued to the portholes, explore in depth the many facets of our gourmandise.




*Nicolas Cloiseau, Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier (Best Craftsman Chocolatier France)