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A wide variety of boxed chocolate gifts are waiting for you at La Maison du Chocolat. Our gourmet chocolate gift baskets will inspire you with fresh gift ideas for parties, anniversaries, etc.A dark chocolate hatbox assortment is the perfect accompaniment for a party invitation! La Maison du Chocolat presents fine French chocolates in elegant gift boxes which are a marvelous work of art in themselves. There is a boxed chocolate gift for any chocolate connoisseur!


Indulge in the convenience of La Maison du Chocolat's swift delivery service, bringing luxury directly to your doorstep or workplace within 48 hours. Explore our online chocolate shop, where a world of decadence awaits at your fingertips. From velvety truffles to exquisite chocolate assortments, immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of La Maison du Chocolat. With just a click, elevate any occasion with our meticulously crafted confections, ensuring moments of pure delight and indulgence.

Coffret Maison Dark and Milk Chocolate 40 pieces

Discover La Maison du Chocolat's signature assorted chocolates in an indulgent selection of 40 ganache & praline bonbons. ALLERGENS: Milk, Nuts, Gluten



Choosing the right wedding gift is a challenge. With the personalized chocolate wedding favors created by La Maison du Chocolat you can contribute to a memorable event!

Pralinés Gift box 40 pieces

As one of our bestsellers, the taste and texture of praliné continue to delight. That's why La Maison du Chocolat has decided to showcase praliné chocolates in a number of collections.


Bars Gift Box 36 chocolates

A real pleasure of sharing and gourmet nibbling, let yourself be seduced by this assortment of delicious dark, milk, or white chocolate squares, hand-made in our workshop.


Orangettes Case 68 pieces

Made with deliciously soft, slow-cooked candied orange peel, covered with a thin layer of crisp dark chocolate, this traditional sweet treat combines bitter and sweet flavors for an incredible indulgence.


Plain Dark Truffle Gift Box 35 Pieces

Discover La Maison du Chocolat's signature classic truffles, dark chocolate ganache bonbons hand-rolled in cocoa powder. ALLERGENS: Milk



La Maison du Chocolat's online chocolate sales service allows you to easily buy your chocolates, and have them delivered throughout the year.