Nicolas Cloiseau, chef at La Maison du Chocolat & Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier, reinvents the ganache in an innovative and frosty recipe. Discover our new collection of chocolates to celebrate the summer season!

Chocolate Chills Summer Gift Box 16 Pieces

Airy mousse bonbons to enjoy frozen or at room temperature, featuring two limited edition summer flavors. ALLERGENS: Milk, Nuts, Gelatin

Chocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift BoxChocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift Box
Chocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift BoxChocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift Box


A chocolate mousse ganache to be enjoyed frozen. 


A frozen chocolate mousse without any ice cream. This desired texture is obtained by incorporating chocolate ganache into a milk foam. Tasted frozen, the airy chocolate, both cold and creamy, retains the desired sensation: a fresh mousse of frozen chocolate with a coating that crunches under the tooth

The airy whipped chocolate mousse allows our ganache bonbons to maintain its creamy filling even when frozen. The airy mousse ganache is balanced by the crunchy sensation of chilled chocolate. Experience new flavor profiles depending on the served temperature!

This Chocolate Chills Gift Box offers a new kind of experience: chocolates can be enjoyed at room temperature or frozen at home. Taste the chocolates at room temperature, then place the box in the freezer for at least 30 minutes to discover new flavor profiles. A fresh, airy and crunchy sensation of chocolate innovation is ready to be discovered.



A 16 piece assortment composed of two signature recipes and two seasonal fruity recipes:


  • Double Vanilla: Whipped chocolate ganache 70% with Madagascar & Papua New Guinea vanilla beans, enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • Caramel - Fleur de Sel: Whipped chocolate ganache 36% with caramel and Fleur de Sel, enrobed in milk chocolate. 
  • Peach - Apricot: Whipped chocolate ganache 41% with peach juice and apricot puree, enrobed in milk chocolate.
  • Strawberry - Basil: Whipped chocolate ganache 80% with Mara des Bois strawberry puree and Thai basil infusion, enrobed in dark chocolate.
Chocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift BoxChocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift Box
Chocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift SelectionChocolate Chills Summer 2024 Gift Selection

Treat yourself or a loved one to our Chocolate Chills Summer Gift Selection, ​complete with a resuable La Maison du Chocolat thermal gift bag for all your summer picnic needs.

Chill out all summer long with our Chocolate Chills Summer Gift Box!

Chocolate Chills Summer Gift Selection

Our frosty summer gift selection, complete with a reusable La Maison du Chocolat thermal gift bag perfect for all your picnic needs!