Dark Chocolate Bars Connoisseur Selection

Assortment of classic dark chocolate and delightfully crunchy bars all in one collection.

Weight: 1.138lbs
Home and office delivery in United States

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our creations...

For lovers of intense and dramatic dark chocolate, our dark bars collection offers the very best of intense cacaos from all over the globe. Savor flavors from our Unhinged and Expert bars collections in one bundle. Perfect for gifting or a little self-indulgence.

After having selected cacao from around the world, La Maison du Chocolat crafted recipes with distinct and elegant ganaches and pralines for dark chocolate lovers in order to discover all the subtleties of this brown gold. 

Experience the rich recipes of our Dark Chocolate bars. This collection will give you not only a taste of our pure dark chocolate pieces but also our delicately handcrafted dark chocolate mixed with pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts - their escapades stop where your pleasure begin! 

  • Optimal freshness* : 10 to 26 days *For optimal freshness please keep your chocolate in a sealed container in a cool dry area.
  • Price per kilo: $174.42/kg
  • Storage temperature: 32 °F

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Our chocolates are best appreciated at room temperature.

We advise that you cut your chocolate in two and let it melt in the mouth to allow time for the flavors to develop.