18 April 2017

La Maison du Chocolat collaborated with Angel Mugler. Blue, gourmand, addictive…and what if Angel were a chocolate? Nicolas Cloiseaus takes hold of the delicious notes of the emblematic perfume of Mugler and interprets them in chocolate.



For twenty-five years, the absolute glamour of the iconic MUGLER fragrance Angel has captivated the senses into a unique olfactory vortex. Nicolas Cloiseau* has captured the deliciously surprising notes of this fragrance, blending bergamot, red fruits, praline, vanilla and patchouli, and interpreted its three accords to create three rare chocolates, vibrating with the legendary Angel notes.



The first composes the fragrant trail that lingers in a woman’s wake; the second creates confections that delight their taste buds. The perfumer Olivier Cresp, Master Perfumer, Creator of Angel perfume, and the chef Nicolas Cloiseau know exactly how to awaken our addictions. They create a unique emotion, one that rings true; the emotion of the very first encounter, the rare impression, the unforgettable taste of an ephemeral encounter. This intriguing collaboration is an elixir of emanations, aromas and a shared language.
Together, these masters of their crafts, have embarked on an olfactory and gustatory adventure. Magicians of the senses, they have imagined a place where perfect harmonies intermingle, a variation of the Angel perfume in full splendor: celestial, gourmand and voluptuous.





Milk chocolate ganache flavored with Sicilian bergamot, fine mandarin jelly.
With figurative verve, Nicolas Cloiseau has filled his chocolate with all the freshness of Angel’s top note. Flavored with Sicilian bergamot, his ganache exudes hesperidia notes that mingle with the tangy colors of a mandarin jelly. Fine milk chocolate, full-bodied and mild, rounds out the elegance of subtly blended citrus notes.




Cotton candy marshmallow with red fruits, cranberries, almond/hazelnut praliné.
Pure indulgence. The unique heart of Angel conveys the tender and joyful flavors of childhood. Nicolas Cloiseau has translated this sweet fragrant trail into a cloud of cotton candy marshmallow sprinkled with red fruits. He balances the chocolate with a thin layer of praliné, to echo the regressive fairground notes of caramelized almonds.





Dark chocolate ganache with vanilla and patchouli.
The Angel base note fascinates with its carnal charm, emanating notes of patchouli and vanilla. Nicolas Cloiseau infuses his chocolate with the sensual and enigmatic connotation of the fragrance. Woody, almost smoky: we can taste the warm cocoa essences of the perfume. Its dark chocolate ganache with vanilla seeds plays against a delicate implosion of sharp patchouli that turns up the decibels.



A wink to ANGEL. A star in Madagascar chocolate, with a tangy first impression of red fruits, followed by the lingering savor of nuts.