An intense whisky flavor without alcohol*

Nicolas Cloiseau, chef at La Maison du Chocolat, and Benjamin Kuentz, French whisky editor, have combined their expertise to create an unusual product: a chocolate bar with an intense whisky flavor using an original maturing process.






Discover an Innovative Collaboration: Whisky Meets Chocolate



Nicolas Cloiseau, the Creative Chef of Maison du Chocolat, and Benjamin Kuentz, a French whisky editor, combine their expertise to create the Alchemy Chocolate Whisky bar, with an intense whisky flavor refined in oak barrels and alcohol-free (traces of 0.5%). Their secret? The pure origin chocolate from Grenada and Ecuador in the tablet, poured warm into a barrel just emptied of its whisky, absorbs the aromas captured in the wood, imbuing itself with the aromatic strength of the spirit.


In resonance with the times, our two creators sign this innovation with the firm intention of shaking up the norms of chocolate-spirit pairings. Upon taste,  it resonates a powerful and tangy aroma of velvety dark chocolate with citrus notes reminiscent of whisky, without alcohol (traces 0.5%).

Alchimie Whisky Chocolate Bar TastingAlchimie Whisky Chocolate Bar Tasting
Alchimie Whisky Chocolate BarAlchimie Whisky Chocolate Bar


A Shared Vision: The Power of the Barrel


What if the humble barrel could serve as the linchpin between chocolate and whisky? This question sparked the genesis of their revolutionary concept: to mature chocolate in a manner akin to whisky, leveraging the barrel's transformative properties. For Nicolas Cloiseau, this venture was about transcending conventional chocolate typicity, drawing inspiration from the complex aromas of spirits. While Benjamin Kuentz, having honed his craft in esteemed distilleries before establishing Maison Benjamin Kuentz, sought to encapsulate the essence of indulgence and tradition synonymous with both chocolate and whisky.

 Crafting Excellence: From Farm to Barrel


​Benjamin Kuentz's journey to uncover the finest artisans led him to traverse the diverse landscapes of France, where he encountered individuals whose dedication to their craft mirrored his own. Collaborating with cereal farmers and distillers driven by passion and ethics, he invited them to imbue their creations with a distinct French identity, resulting in whiskies characterized by authenticity and elegance.


The Alchemy Unveiled: Chocolate, Whisky, and the Perfect Blend



Central to their innovation is the Alchimie tablet, a testament to the fusion of chocolate and whisky. Through meticulous refinement in oak barrels, the chocolate absorbs the essence of whisky infused into the wood, acquiring a depth of flavor and aroma unparalleled in traditional confections. Benjamin Kuentz, inspired by the chocolate's journey, reciprocated by crafting a whisky chocolate liqueur, infusing his Fin de Partie whisky with the remnants of chocolate emptied by Nicolas Cloiseau. The culmination of their efforts resulted in a masterful blend, epitomizing the harmonious marriage of peaty notes and chocolate.

This collaboration represents not only a convergence of expertise but a celebration of innovation and artistry, pushing the boundaries of gastronomic exploration. As Benjamin Kuentz and Nicolas Cloiseau unveil their creation to the world, they invite connoisseurs to embark on a sensory journey where every indulgent bite tells a tale of passion, craftsmanship, and the timeless allure of chocolate and whisky.

Alchimie Whisky Chocolate BarAlchimie Whisky Chocolate Bar

Alchimie Bar

Pure dark chocolate bar from Grenada Island and Ecuador, non-alcoholic*, with an intense Whisky flavour *Traces 0.5%.