At Maison du Chocolat, Nicolas Cloiseau ingeniously nuances the finest cocoas to reveal them in a few grams of chocolate. In his art of blending, only the balance of taste counts. It is all this subtlety that marks a Maison chocolate. The alchemy of cocoa characteristics is revealed with exceptional ingredients. The sensations follow one another in nuances and length in the mouth without ever masking the chocolate.

Exceptional Savoir-faire

La Maison du Chocolat takes a real stance in the world of chocolate, for it, only the finest cocoas count's aromatic characteristics, favoring a taste rather than a source or a percentage of cocoa. Nicolas Cloiseau and the 10 Maison referent palaces are the guarantors of this unique signature. Their expert taste buds always take us further into the sensory experience. Complexity, power, intensity, freshness, and velvety are all expressions associated with the tasting that define chocolate and always reveal the House taste.

Knowing how to detect

the exact nuance, sometimes

very thin, separates the good

from the excellent and the exceptional.