A unique

 creative energy

In its art of transforming chocolate into a source of wonder, the House imagines new textures, new sensations. It breaks with the usual formats and codes to seek new emotions. Its claims are aimed at more refined chocolates, better tastes, light textures and even new pretexts for consumption. As if creation were conceived from scratch, it offers an unprecedented definition of a reinvented chocolate, around more assertive, sequenced tastes, revelations of opposites that dialogue with energy in vibrant compositions.


My creations are born from a long series of combinations around the infinite nuances of chocolate. I draw from my “library of sensations”, nourished by discoveries and encounters. Sometimes a simple detail is enough.”

Nicolas Cloiseau

Reinventing the chocolate of tomorrow 

Keeping an eye on the world while breaking free from fashions, the energy of modern and demanding taste from Nicolas Cloiseau signs the House's creative power. All his work consists of the art of nuance sensations, pushing the boundaries of matter, and exploring new territories of taste. He has always longed for the chocolate of tomorrow, with reinvented ganache. Inhabited by everything that marks a difference, he ceaselessly explores new avenues that break with the original alchemy. "What if we stopped making chocolate as we always have ..." In his ease in finding something different, he opens up Maison chocolate to the challenges of naturalness. Exit the cream, the butter. Its Well-Being and Vegan collections invent new evidence without renouncing pleasure.

Enhanced and unique savoire-faire unlike anywhere else

Knowing how to do nothing like everyone else. In one stroke, refined, graphic, signed, Nicolas Cloiseau deconstructs the tablet. The look fascinates the silhouette clashes.

Coming to upset the lines of the usual tablets, it cuts in the energy of taste. Its clean cuts, lively slices, and millimeter geometry reveal a bar of chocolate free from molds. The six slender silhouettes of its Demented Tablets each have a chocolate character that combines inclusions and gourmet contrasts.

Explore new territories of taste

Is there a more extravagant combination than caviar or vegetables with chocolate? Nicolas Cloiseau redesigns the taste of chocolate possibilities. He urges our taste buds elsewhere and reveals to us creations that reconcile the unlikely with the excellent. From a priori transgressive nuances, it enriches the complex nature of chocolate with new sensations. Its collections invite deliciously confusing emotions that never fail to shake up the chocolate planet and liven up the palate.


Chef en Résidence

La Maison du Chocolat créé « Chef en Résidence », un espace ouvert à la cocréation qui invite des confrères illustres et inattendus en vue d’emmener la création où on ne l’attend pas.