1st June 2017


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, La Maison du Chocolat gave carte blanche for its mythical universe to Nasty, engaging Street Art artist, known and renown for the unexpected materials he chooses to express his art.


Because art is evocative and unique, because it surprises us and arouses emotions, La Maison du Chocolat set its sights on avant-garde expressions .


They turned to Nasty, engaging artist of Street Art, and famous for the unconventional materials he chooses to express his art, La Maison du Chocolat gave him access to its mythical universe . Carte blanche for sensations. In his hands, hot gold leaf meets aerosol, beauty embraces both soft and rough edges. A strong proponent of graffiti, and his work privileging script in all its forms, make Nasty an authentic and engaging artist.


His enthusiastic art, with its vibrant colors, provokes sensations and emotions identical to those of the nostaglic delights of chocolate. In this whirlwind of creativity and color, the artist reinvents and elevates each gift box to cult status.

He offers a new distinct way of expression and leads chocolate to a place that we never imagined it could lead us. A world of choc and oh so chic!