27 May 2019


Just one stroke. Clean, aesthetic, signed. Nicolas Cloiseau* deconstructs the chocolate bar.


Its allure entices; its silhouette astounds. In a complete break with tradition, he put his laser focus on the details of the chocolate, shakes up the sensations. His clean cuts, sharp edges, and precise angles unveil neoteric chocolate.


With his sixth sense for innovation, Nicolas Cloiseau blends genres. Perfect touch of pure gourmandise in this new vibrant avant-garde collection, proud of its distinctiveness, perfect for sharing or not…





When milk chocolate mixes it up with its roasted slivers of hazelnuts, and startles with its fine notes of intense dark chocolate.



When the acidulous notes of passionfruit send the dark chocolate with crunchy crêpes into complete panic.



When the creamy, caramel, biscuit flavor of white chocolate meets the luscious tones of milk chocolate blended with roasted pecans.



The nuts featured in the mendiant (hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios), just like we love them, roasted, toasted, enrobed in dark chocolate.



Whole roasted caramelized hazelnuts ensnared in milk chocolate.



Crunchy puffed rice with notes of creamy vanilla white chocolate.


Gourmand Bars: HK$180 sold in a package of two identical bars - from 80 and 100g


*Nicolas Cloiseau, Creator Chief, Best Craftsman of France

Tapage Noisettes

The delicious combination of a layer of milk chocolate, packed with hazelnut pieces, and a layer of intense dark chocolate, in a bar which delights and astounds.


Passion Vibrante

Our passion for cocoa is showcased in this dual chocolate bar in a sun-drenched box: dark chocolate with wafer biscuit on one side, tangy passion fruit on the other.


Pécan Blondinet

Caramelized, melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate and milk chocolate with crunchy pecans are subtly combined in two delicious layers to create this reinvented chocolate bar, presented in a luxurious turquoise box


Cavale Fruits Secs

A crunchy mixture of almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts on a thin layer of dark chocolate, creating the perfect bar to share, presented in an elegant and brightly colored box.

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