Financier Gift Box 15 pieces

Experience a mix of taste sensations when you bite into a plain and chocolate financier. The crispy outside gives way to a wonderfully soft inside, with a unique buttery taste.

Weight: 0.495kg
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Explore the gorgeous, mouth-watering taste of chocolate and plain financiers. These delicious little cakes are a real French art. Made with only the finest ingredients, La Maison du Chocolat have created the ultimate financier gift box. We promise you'll delight in the delicate crunchy exterior that when bitten into, reveals a smooth filling that will pleasure the senses. Each financier is individually wrapped to keep it fresh, like it's just come out of a warm oven. The wrapping makes these delightful snacks perfect for traveling or serving at events.
  • Best consumption period* : From 10 to 26 days after purchase *Optimal duration of consumption as well as the date indicated on the back of the product are indicatives dates.
  • Price per kilo: $1.00/kg
  • Storage temperature: 18 °C


Our financiers are best appreciated at room temperature.


FINANCIER NATURE : Sugar, egg, butter, almond powder, wheat flour.
FINANCIER CHOCOLATE : Sugar, egg, butter, almond powder, wheat flour, cocoa paste, cream, cocoa butter, vanilla natural flavouring, emulsifier (soy lecithin). Dark chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 66% minimum.

Nutritional values

Nutrition Facts : Serving size : 1 pieces (32g), Servings per package : 1, Calories (kcal): 491.8, Total fat (g): 31.4, Saturated fat (g): 17.1, Sodium (mg): 56, Total carbohydrate (g): 46.8, Dietary fiber (g): 2.7, Sugars (g): 31.9, Protein (g): 8.2


This product contains

  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Soya
  • Gluten
  • Nuts