Events Gifts

A wonderful selection of La Maison du Chocolat gift boxes, perfectly as gifts for events, parties or weddings.

Gesture Gift Box, 2pcs
Irresistible miniature coffrets
HKD 72

Plain Dark Truffles Gift Box, 2pcs
A Whipped airy ganache enrobed with a thin layer of chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.
HKD 72

Praline Gift Box, 2pcs
An assortment of Maison pralines with nuts enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.
HKD 72

Macaron Gift Box, 2pcs
Dark chocolate ganache nestled between crisp shells with intense flavours and extreme silkiness.
HKD 82

One Square Expert, 1pc
One square of Noir Equilibre 66%, chocolate and roasted notes.
HKD 17