Reveal the Genius 
of Chocolate 

Our Manifesto

FORTY YEARS AGO, ROBERT LINXE BROUGHT the spirit of Parisian haute couture to chocolate, creating La Maison du Chocolat ― the first grand Parisian house dedicated entirely to “designer chocolate”. The distinctively different style he invented marked the birth of today’s luxury chocolate, subsequently inspiring a host of emulators.
Upon entering La Maison du Chocolat you discover a universe of iconic codes that reflect timeless, inimitable Parisian chic, that je-ne-sais-quoi that has long nourished the appeal of French style around the entire world. Beyond taste, the emotion sparked by beauty elevates chocolate with consummate elegance.
TODAY, THE UNIQUE SPIRIT OF ROBERT LINXE remains as vibrant as ever, perpetuated and brilliantly interpreted by a master chef. He applies his own exceptional talent to the founding precepts of La Maison du Chocolat in a quest for excellence that melds graceful simplicity and complex expertise.


THE DISTINCTIVE MAISON DU CHOCOLAT SPIRIT IS REFLECTED IN THE METICULOUS PROFESSIONALISM OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DEEPLY ATTACHED TO THEIR CRAFT. All our chocolates are made by hand in our Atelier in Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris. Each texture is poured and smoothed out by hand on special marble tables, cut with millimetric precision, delicately enrobed and decorated piece-by-piece with a cornet or fork, always by hand.



At La Maison du Chocolat, taste is a story of rhythm and movement that unfolds with a beginning, a middle and an end: the finish in the mouth.
Juxtaposing the taste of couverture chocolates, we nuance the chocolate’s expressiveness. We compose soaring melodies and shape high or low notes, positioning delectable whole notes or precise quarter notes to build to an intense, lingering finish in the mouth.



In its art of transforming chocolate into a source of wonder, La Maison imagines new textures and new sensations. It breaks with the usual formats and codes to seek new emotions.



We are committed to sustainable sourcing our or chocolate. Our sister company, provides the couveteur from which our chocolate creations are made. As a newly accredited B-corporation, Valrhona has very rigid sourcing practices that contribute greatly to our goal of continually attaining the highest quality chocolates with the minimum impact on our environment. 



We offer a variety of chocolate pastries, treats and gift boxes. Explore our chocolate delivery service and enjoy our client-centered experience!