JANUARY 28, 2022

If 225 rue Saint-Honoré embodies the spirit of La Maison du Chocolat, it is the city of light that has fueled the passion for Maison chocolates. Within the ebb and flow of taste and time, Nicolas Cloiseau* invites us into the heart of the Parisian DNA of la Maison, where the iconic spirit of his creations took root and flourished. Signature chocolate with resounding appeal, continually re-imagined to be in step with the times. All this drives the allure for this très Parisian rendezvous, madly celebrating Valentine’s Day.

For 2022, we owe the illustration of the collection to the New Zealander artist Nadia FLOWER. Her work in black and white includes a multitude of small graphic patterns and decorative details. In a modern and coutureoriented fashion universe, she creates coverings for luxury brands by reinterpreting their campaigns in her own way.



  • $298 for a box of 8 chocolates
  • $498 for a box of 15 chocolates
  • $1355 for a heart box of 45 chocolates

The Marvelously Paris collection will be available in our stores and on the website from Friday, January 28, 2022.



This collection invites us to the heart of the Parisian DNA of la Maison du Chocolat, by reinterpreting the four chocolate families. Its signature Marvelously Paris box, reinvented with the spirit of the times, offers 4 chocolate pleasures dedicated to the emotions of Valentine's Day.



Plant-based ganache, blending guava purée and mango purée in lime juice, with fruity, acidulous, and mellow notes, enrobed in milk chocolate. 



Smooth and silky praliné with pistachios and Guérande salt crystals, unveiling delicate, roasteds notes.



Iconic dark chocolate ganache, pure Ghana 68%, luscious and frank, with long spicy cacao notes. 



Heart of milk chocolate praliné with almonds and hazelnuts, lemon zest and ginger, revealing long spicy creamy notes.



With the heart on his horizon, gourmandise as the prize, Nicolas Cloiseau succeeds again. With a base of congection, his chocolate defies our expectations. Sometimes crunchy puffed rice, crackling ground nibs, fruity strawberry or crunchy, he unveils three recipes rich in flavorsand emotion. Intimately delicious, perfectfor two.


Bouchée double milk : milk chocolate 40% with slivers of roastedcaramelized hazelnuts, fine layer of dark chocolate flavored with roastedbrown japanese koshihikaririce.


Line of strawberry crunchy hearts.


Bouchée dark praliné: 56% almend/hazelnutwith slivers of cocoanibs from Venezuela.


Bouchée  Marvelously Paris : 

  • 92g
  • 3 chocolates
  • 420 HKD

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