Flavored Truffles 30 Pieces

Gift box filled with plain chocolate, cassis and caramel toffee truffles.

Weight: 0.459lbs
Dimensions : 6,1 in x 8,7 in x 2,2 in
Home and office delivery in United States

A few words about
our creations...

A whipped airy ganache is enrobed with a thin layer of dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.

Perfection of a ganache with bold round flavors featuring a divine, smooth texture.

This assortment includes these three flavours:

-Plain dark chocolate

-Cassis: blackcurrant ganache and blackcurrant pepper.

-Caramel Toffee: caramel ganache with vanilla and Guérande fleur de sel.

A little history...

The chocolate truffle is a chocolate confection invented by Louis Dufour, a pastry chef from Chambéry, in France, in December 1895. While preparing his end of the year creations, this chocolatier realized he was missing some basic ingredients. Too proud to ask a colleague for them, he came up with a brilliant idea: he blended cream (crème fraîche), vanilla and cocoa powder. To make his invention more appealing, he dipped it into melted chocolate and coated it in cocoa powder. The chocolate truffle was born!

  • Shelf life: 10 to 26 days
  • Price per kilo: $312.50/kg
  • Storage temperature: 60.8 °F
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In this box


    Our chocolates are best appreciated at room temperature.

    We advise that you cut your chocolate in two and let it melt in the mouth to allow time for the flavors to develop. When you are tasting several chocolates, it is best to start with a plain chocolate, then move on to flavored varieties: first those with fruits, then spices, then alcohol.


  • dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (E322 soy lecithin), vanilla natural flavoring), cream, cocoa powder, blackcurrant puree, butter, sugar, whole milk, color (beetroot juice powder), invert sugar, glucose syrup, salt, strawberry powder, vanilla pods, blackcurrant buds. Dark chocolate contains : Cocoa solids 56% minimum.

Nutritional values

  • Nutrition Facts : Amount per serving :


  • Milk
  • Soya
  • Egg
  • Gluten
  • Sesame
  • Nuts
  • Peanut

Craftsmanship and an airy texture

3 days are required for the artisanal production of our Flavored Truffles. Unlike their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, our French-style truffles feature a mousse center, a thin layer of chocolate and a cocoa coating. The combination of chocolate, cream, butter, fruit purée, and caramel used to create these flavored ganache truffles is initially smooth and silky, before being spread out on the marble surfaces of the brand's workshops. 24 hours later, this melt-in-the-mouth mixture has crystallized, taking on a mousse-like texture. Slowly worked with a mixer to incorporate air, the ganache develops a light, airy texture. After the mixture crystallizes again, 24 hours later, they are coated in a veil of chocolate, creating a delicately crunchy and delicious dark shell, and plunged into bitter cocoa powder.