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Which countries produce cocoa beans and where do the beans chosen by La Maison du Chocolat come from?
At the moment, the biggest cocoa producers are Brazil and The Ivory Coast.
Most connoisseurs agree that the best beans and appellations, known for for their subtle flavours and their finesse, come from South and Central America, for their subtle flavors and their finesse.
Our chocolate couvertures, made by VALRHONA, are always the result of blending beans from different origins. The Valrhona company creates special blends custom made for us. Our preference of course is for the Criollo beans, which produce fine, delicate chocolate. We use beans from Central America, Trinidad, Ecuador and Venezuela but also from Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, as well as Sumatra (they have good acidity) and some Forasteros from the Ivory Coast.


Do you engage in ethical business practices to obtain your raw materials for chocolate couverture?
We work almost exclusively with the Valhrona Company who for the last 20 years has pursued an approach offering social and economic support for the producers and also protection of the environment of the plantations.  Respect for recognized international standards such as the International Labour Organization (minimum salaries, right to organize etc…), research and technical assistance programs, fixed prices and guaranteed volumes are part of the strategy of long-term partnerships with the producers. 


How does La Maison du Chocolat guarantee the taste and the quality of raw materials used?
All our suppliers are committed to stringent requirements set forth by us, and adhere to the required quality standards.


Do you use “organic” raw materials?

We have very strict product requirement specifications for our raw materials.   The appellation “organic” is not a standard that we necessarily take into account because we seek first and foremost products that possess the best organoleptic qualities.  Our Creative Director travels extensively across the globe to search for the best products (cacao vintages, spices, fruits etc…)


Where and how are your chocolates made?

The team of pastry chefs, who are in an atelier next to our chocolatiers, prepare and cook each day the pastries for the boutiques in Paris. The boutiques abroad have their own local atelier with qualified pastry chefs who are trained in France in our ateliers.


How are your products shipped to your international subsidiaries ?
All our products are shipped in temperature- controlled containers to preserve freshness and reassure our international clientele that they are purchasing the highest quality products no matter where the boutique is located.

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