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Cocoa butter

A European directive has authorized the addition of up to five percent of natural vegetable fats such as palm oil or shea butter when making chocolate. We are opposed to this legislation. All our chocolates are made exclusively with cocoa butter.

Chocolate Bonbon

is the designation of a product the size of a dollop with an interior (type of ganache or praline) coated in chocolate couverture.

The Cacao pod

With an elongated shape, the cacao pod matures 5 to 6 months after flowering.

Maturity of a cacao pod is determined by the change of color: from green to yellow or from red to orange.

The Cacao Tree

The Cacao Tree is a tropical tree cultivated in a humid, warm climate . There are three varieties of cacao tree:

The Criollo:
5 % of world production. The cocoa has delicate aromas and flavors.

The Forasteros:
70-75 % of the world production. "Robusta of cacao"

The Trinitario:
20 % of the world production. Hybrid of Criollo and Forastero

Chocolate couverture
It is a variety of superior quality chocolate, not as sweet as a classic chocolate bar and above all more powerful in cocoa paste. It is used in particular by professional chocolatiers to create coatings and ganaches. It is usually presented as a big bar weighing about 6 lbs. To obtain a good chocolate couverture, two elements are essential: high quality beans and continuous conching (mixing and heating) in order to develop perfectly smooth texture and flavors.

A ganache is the interior of a chocolate. It is made of a mixture of chocolate couverture and fresh cream. This mixture can be either plain or flavoured (infused with mint or cinnamon, or perhaps flavoured with lemon zest or fresh coffee...).

is the designation for milk chocolate containing finely crushed nuts incorporated into the chocolate.

is the designation of the interior of a chocolate made with a mixture of hazelnuts or almonds to which other types of nuts may be added (pistachio, walnut, pecans…).

A truffle is a mousse ganache lightly coated with a thin layer of chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder